For those of you who were not able to attend the NeuroConX public lecture hosted by the PEI BioAlliance and Neurodyn on July 12th, here is a video of Katherine’s presentation, “How Senility became a Disease: The early years”. Katherine Livingstone Bick who grew up in Clyde River was also featured in an earlier story on our site.

StrawberriesClyde River Women’s Institute will host their Strawberry Social on Wednesday, July 22nd, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Riverview Community Centre. It’s a little later than usual due to our late Spring delaying crops. We will savour the taste of the strawberries that much more.

The Social is a great homecoming occasion with neighbours, families and relations home from away.

An added highlight this year will be tours of the Emily Bryant Room where you can view a gallery of photos and display of artifacts depicting Clyde River history from the late 1800s to 1960s. This collection represents a great deal of work from a dedicated group of seniors from within and connected to the community.

Katherine BickWe are giving you a heads up that Dr. Katherine (Livingstone) Bick will be interviewed on CBC Island Morning on Friday, July 10th, around 8:15 am. Tune in to CBC Radio 96.1 FM.

Dr. Bick will also be a guest speaker at the NeuroConX Public Lecture on Sunday, July 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the Delta Prince Edward. You can RSVP by calling PEI BioAlliance at 902-367-4400, emailing sarah@peibioalliance.com or registering online here. This is a free public lecture. Refreshments will be served. We featured Katherine’s story on this website earlier this year.

Painting in the clover

Painting in the clover

Art the Park – Plein Air – will take place on Saturday, July 25th from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon at Murchison Place Park. Clyde River artist Julia Purcell will lead the morning which will offer participants a choice of self-directed group painting or an optional group lesson with Julia for a portion of the morning before spreading out in and around the park to paint.

Julia welcomes any level of painter, whether you are a beginner or beyond and offers the following overview of what she will teach.

“Thinking and understanding the style/approach to your painting is useful and then defining your personal preferences in relation to style. The question is, do you prefer the linear style or the painterly style? And then how do you achieve that? And can your painting have aspects of both approaches and still work as a successful, convincing painting?” Julia will show how that it possible.

Julia will also spend time talking about the many colors of green that we encounter when painting en plein air. “We will experiment with suggestions on how to mix a sunlit green or a shadow green, a distant green hill or nearby field of green grass, the deep green of evergreens or the bright green of deciduous trees or whatever else nature sets out before us. It’s all fun for painters,” Julia describes.

Participants need to bring all their own supplies including paints, brushes, palette, tape, paper and backboard or canvas. An easel would be useful as would a clamp-on beach umbrella and sunscreen, plus a hat. Pack a lunch, if desired. Coffee will be provided. The event will take place in sunshine or light rain.

We also welcome those who enjoy watching art being created to drop by.

Canada Day

All are welcome to join us on Wednesday, July 1st – 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to celebrate Canada Day at the Riverview Community Centre. It’s a birthday party! Be a kid again or still. Enjoy hotdogs, cake and ice cream. Help us raise the flag, sing the anthem and celebrate Canada’s big day.


For those of you who enjoyed reading the story of Dr. Katherine (Livingstone) Bick who was born in Clyde River and attended school in the community, you will have the opportunity to meet her this summer. She will be the special guest of PEI BioAlliance at the NeuroConX conference public lecture on Sunday evening, July 12th at 7:00 at the Delta Prince Edward, 18 Queen Street, Charlottetown.

Katherine will open the evening talking about “When Senility became a Disease: The early years.” She co-authored the first book written on Alzheimer’s Disease. The evening will also feature Dr. Benjamin Wolozin, from the Boston University School of Medicine who will present “What causes Dementia & Parkinson’s Disease and what can we do about it?”. 

Katherine will be pleased to know that some folks from Clyde River will be in the audience. To register for this free event, you can click here. You can also call 902-367-4400 or email sarah@peibioalliance.com. Refreshments will be served.

Below is the poster for the event. To read Katherine’s story, click here.

NeuroConX 2015 Public Lecture Poster - Final copy

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Saturday, May 23, 2015 was a great day to open up Murchison Place Park for another summer of enjoyment. Over 20 people helped rake and clean and sort to get the park looking great.

Some of these participants have been here for every annual clean-up. Some of the children, like Cedric Stead, Benjamin and J. R. MacQuarrie and Lilly and Nellie Wood, have grown up during the years the park has been in existence and now, they know exactly how to help to get the park ready.

Lisa and Kevin Ross’ daughters, now young women, are usually the first here and they work fast and hard to accomplish any task. A few are well into retirement, (you know who you are). They were here from the beginning and they sure know how to work and what works for the perennial gardens, signs, etc.  It was wonderful to have the Sandersons join the regular group of helpers. Really, there was little winter damage and with lots of help, the clean-up happened in record time.

Thank you to Lisa Ross for her capable leadership. She kept everyone organized and did this in such a way that everyone felt their contribution was important. Thank you to Alan MacQuarrie who provided his tractor and spreader as well as Alex Dixon who provided his truck for transport. Thank you to those who provided snacks. It’s not just about the refreshments, it’s time to chat and reconnect because even though many live close together, they don’t often see each other.

Murchison Place Park has an interesting history beginning the generous gift of the property by the descendents of Dr. A.J. and Mrs. Murchison. It demonstrates strong community spirit by the volunteers who created and maintain this park. It is exactly ten years since the clearing of the property began and that makes ten years of volunteering by the many people who work to create the peaceful setting it is today.

This park and these park clean-up days provide opportunities for community connectiveness. The park’s overseers are now members of the group Friends of Clyde River. They wish to say that everyone is welcome to use the park. They just ask that the park area is respected and left in as clean as condition as they found it. Enjoy the summer in this lovely sunshade park – the pride of Clyde River. (submitted by Emily Bryant)


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