(Top left) Best Overall: Alex & Audrey MacPhee; (Bottom left) Most Creative: Kathy Toole & Chester Remley; (Right) Darren & Kate Dawson

Thank you to all those who participated in our second annual Christmas Decorating Contest. It was an enjoyable evening for Council representatives to drive around our beautiful community of Clyde River and Dunedin to enjoy all the Christmas displays.

The following are our 2021 winners:

  • Best Overall: 672 Clyde River Road – Home of Alex and Audrey MacPhee
  • Children’s Favorite: 991 Linwood Road – Home of Darren and Kate Dawson
  • Most Creative: 8 Clyde River Road – Home of Kathy Toole and Chester Remley

Season’s Greeting and all the best for 2022 from the Council of the Rural Municipality of Clyde River.

2020 contest winner

The second annual Christmas Decorating Contest for Clyde River and Dunedin will be held Wednesday, December 15th. No application necessary, just make sure you have your outdoor light display on between 6:00 pm and 8:00 for judging. Prizes will be for Best Overall, Most Creative and Children’s Favourite.

The winners will be posted on this website. If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Wood at clydesheep95@gmail.com .


The Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation (West and Clyde River watershed group) will be holding an AGM at Bonshaw Community Center on Thursday, December 2nd at 7:00 pm. Jordan Condon will be the guest speaker and will talk about his master’s project involving salmon egg survival and give an update on the saprolegnia issue in our rivers.

The Clyde River History Society attended the launch of the book, We’ll Meet Again, this past Saturday at Trinity United Church in Charlottetown. Author Katherine Dewar, who has participated in our Clyde River Lecture Series, presented her latest book that features the fascinating stories of women who took part in World War II in varied capacities.

Katherine said that she had to write this book or their stories would be lost. Reading The Guardian, she would see the obituaries of these veterans, and that spurred her to get started. She set out to research their stories and interview the ladies still living. It was their chance to tell their stories. Research assistance was offered by Jane Dyment who is a member of the Clyde River History Society. Jane is a descendant of Thomas and Jane (Robertson) Beer of Clyde River and lives in Ottawa. She was able to conduct research at the National Archives on Katharine’s behalf.

During the event on Saturday, Katharine featured Jean MacLean from Meadowbank, earlier from Clyde River, and a member of the Clyde River Baptist Church and Women’s Institute over the years. Jean was one of the six ladies in attendance for the launch, and she wore her WWII uniform. An excerpt of her story was presented.

Katherine also recognized Norma MacLean who lives in Charlottetown now but was very involved in Burnside Presbyterian Church and the Women’s Institute in Clyde River. Norma is now 101 years and was not in attendance at the launch. You may recall an earlier story where we recognized her 100th birthday last year.

Further stories:

  • CBC PEI story featuring book launch: The heroic PEI women who served in WWII – and where you can meet some of them – read
  • PEI Historian’s new book aims to preserve the ‘amazing stories’ of WWII women – read
  • CBC Video featuring Jean MacLean finally receiving membership to legion at 96 – link here to watch the video

The book is available at local bookstores. 


Council is excited to announce that the UPEI Seniors College is offering three courses at the Riverview Community Centre in Clyde River this Fall. Advance registration is required and starts Sept 8th. You can set up a membership account at this link: https://www.seniorscollege.ca/createmyaccount.aspx. Once you have an account, you can then register for courses. Drawing, Origami and Human Health are the three topics that will be featured in Clyde River. If you wish to view all courses, you can link here: https://www.seniorscollege.ca/viewcourses.aspx. Hope to see you there!

As part of the Cemetery Stories Course, the Clyde River History Society is hosting a cemetery tour in Clyde River on Saturday, August 21st, 1:30-3:30 p.m. It’s mostly a chance for course participants to finally get to meet each other. We will visit the two cemeteries connected to the Presbyterian and Baptist churches. We will offer a brief introduction and then the group or smaller groups can tour through cemeteries. Our history society members will be available to answer questions. After the tour, we will enjoy some refreshments at the Riverview Community Centre. It’s all within a short walking distance and there is lots of parking. We will begin at the Burnside Presbyterian Church Cemetery (intersection of Dog River & Clyde River Roads) at 1:30 p.m. If it is raining on the 21st, we will reschedule it to the following Saturday, the 28th. To gather an idea of numbers, please let us know if you are hoping to attend in the comments below or email vivian@eastlink.ca.

All are invited to join us at our Strawberry and Ice Cream Social Take-out at the Riverview Community Centre on Tuesday, July 13th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. It will be a cash only event, $8 for adults and $5 for children. The community centre is located at 718 Clyde River Road.

The Council of the Municipality of Clyde River would like to thank the households who took the time to submit their responses to the Emergency Management Survey that circulated recently. Thanks to the replies received, Council is aware of those who might need assistance and those who may offer assistance if an emergency situation should arise in our community. The Municipality’s Emergence Management Plan will be completed later this year. Further to those who participated in the survey, the winner of the gift certificate is John Read.

Summer Job Opportunity

ARCH (Association of Rural Community Halls) has received funding for a summer position through the Jobs For Youth program. The position would be based in North Milton, but some of the work could be done at home. For more details on this opportunity and for instructions on applying, please visit Work PEI.ca – link here

Lori and Ivan Perry donate a lending library to Murchison Place Park – pictured here are Lori, Ivan and Mayor Hilda Colodey

Lori and Ivan Perry have built and donated a library to Murchison Place Park, using materials donated by Wood Millers on the Meadowbank Road. The library is located within the gazebo and features a selection of books for children and adults. Visitors are welcome to enjoy some reading within the park or to take a book home. Community members can donate books to the library. What a great gesture of community spirit. Thank you, Lori and Ivan.