Concert in the Park

A lovely warm evening in a beautiful park with a great crowd of people and lots of musical talent adds up to an enjoyable evening. Emily Ross was successful in getting a variety of musicians to volunteer their time and talent for a first ever concert at Murchison Place park on August 2, 2010. About 100 people attended the concert and enjoyed music, friendship and refreshments so much that several people requested it become a regular (at least an annual) event. The children played while adults listened, so the needs of all age groups were met.

Special thanks to Lisa Ross for decorating the stage and to Kevin Ross for cooking hotdogs. Allan MacQuarrie and Alex Dixon did a great job of helping concert goers safely cross a busy road, while Peter McCrady, Gordie and Ellen Ross escorted others with golf carts donated for the evening by Clyde River Golf Course.

Entertainers were Suzanne Wilkie, Jonathan, Rachel and Courtney Horrocks, Peggy Dollar, Ken Clark, Renee Dahn, Mitch Woodside, Emily Ross, Emily and Vans Bryant and Eric Darrach. Sophie MacDonald danced for the group. Erica Ross was emcee for the event.

Thank you to all who contributed to the donation basket for park needs. The Park Committee will put this to good use to ensure the park meets the needs of those who use it.

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