Seniors Inspire Youth

Audrey MacPhee talks about teaching in a one room school

On October 24, 2010, a wonderful event was held at the Clyde River Community Centre and three well-known seniors inspired youth and others with interesting stories and facts. Audrey MacPhee described her unique and pleasant experience when she as a young teacher taught well-behaved children at this one room school in Clyde River in the 1950s. Three of her former students, now “new” seniors were in the attentive audience.

Helen MacPhail reviewed her busy role as the Lieutenant Governor’s wife during the years that her husband Lloyd G. MacPhail served in that capacity. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was not a position of leisure, as Helen outlined a typical day at Government House and showed pictures of important events and people they had hosted.This community is proud of the fact that the late Hon. Lloyd G. MacPhail was from Clyde River.

Jean MacLean presented on the productive and disciplined life as she served as a member of the WRENS during World War II. Her story must have had quite an impact on today’s youth, as she told of the early morning wake-up calls and training marches. Jean’s great grandchildren were among those in attendance, so her story will be remembered for many years.  Jean’s talk encouraged all ages to remember both the men and the women who helped secure Canada’s freedom.  Her pictures brought the experience to life and captured each aspect of her workday.

All three speakers at this event at the Riverview Community Centre demonstrated the positive  contributions that seniors have made and still make in their communities.
Speakers Helen MacPhail and Jean MacLean sit between Robert MacPhail and Sadie MacLean while they await their turn to speak
The 2011 calendar of Clyde River’s Historic Houses and Buildings was unveiled at this event. Emily Ross and Doreen Pound were thanked for their expertise in creating this lovely calendar. Following a delicious lunch prepared by members of the Clyde River Women’s Institute,  Joe Penny and Vans Bryant entertained with lively music.

This well attended afternoon was the final event of CRWI’s New Horizons for Seniors project, Youth Inspire Seniors and Seniors Inspire Youth. Positive comments about the afternoon and the project showed that this project was a success. There have been increased opportunities for interaction and understanding between youth and seniors and an inclusive community spirit has been promoted by the activities of the project.

Each of these seniors had a display to add value to their verbal message. Left to right displays are – School days ;  Government House memories ; WRENS scarf and pictures

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  1. Victoria MacPhail on October 25, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Sounds like you had quite the event. I certainly hope someone was recording it so that these memories are not lost or forgotten. A valuable piece of Clyde River history!

    • clyderiver on October 27, 2010 at 12:19 pm

      Thanks Victoria. It was not recorded but we have the written messages and pictures and they will be kept safe at the Riverview Community Centre.
      Hope all is well with you.
      Emily Bryant

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