Beer’s Mill

Beer’s mill was originally a grist mill that used stones for grinding grain which produced oatmeal. In 1893, the mill was then expanded to include a saw mill. In 1919, another expansion was added to include a shingle mill. The grist mill business was disappearing, as many people preferred the modern conveniences of white flour rather than the old-fashioned whole wheat flour.

In 1946, a piece of equipment for cleaning grain was purchased by 20 farmers in the area for $36 dollars each. The shingle mill business lasted until 1952. The dam washed out in 1957, but the saw mill continued to operate for two more years by using a tractor to drive the equipment.

As of 1970, the grain cleaning service was no longer offered to the public, but the shareholders still used the equipment to clean their own grain.

Based on information provided by Lillian (Willis) Bentley, daughter of Florence (Beer) Willis.

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