Clyde River Calendar wins a Heritage Award

The Clyde River Women’s Institute has won a Heritage Award for the 2011 Clyde River Historic Houses and Buildings calendar.  Barbara Hagerman, the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, presented the award during Heritage Week at the Museum and Heritage Awards Celebration held February 22, 2011. As Chair, Emily Bryant accepted the award on behalf of the Women’s Institute and the History Committee who spearheaded the calendar project.

As spokesperson Jesse Francis read the citation for the award, he mentioned the names of each of the youth who participated in the calendar project. It was the computer expertise of Emily Ross and Doreen Pound that made the calendar so beautiful, and it was very nice that both of them were able to attend the awards event held in the Carriage House, Beaconsfield, Charlottetown.

The historic calendar, a part of the New Horizons Youth Inspire Seniors and Seniors Inspire Youth Project, was successful in every way possible. Two hundred homes are enjoying these 2011 calendars. The Committee has received a lot of positive feedback on the lovely pages. The printing costs of the calendars have been paid for and there has been a profit as well. This Heritage Award is an added bonus.

The certificate will be framed and will hang at the Riverview Community Centre.

Thank you to the youth who were involved, the seniors and homeowners who agreed to have their homes part of the project and to everyone who helped make this calendar a success.

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