Website Workshop this Saturday, 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Well, I checked the weather forecast, and it looks like Saturday will be mostly Sunny with a temperature of -2C which is good news for those of us planning to attend the Community Website Workshop. The Riverview Community Centre offers such a pleasant view overlooking the fields and river which is a bonus for daytime events and for fueling creativity.

I spoke to some folks who are planning to attend, and they have been digging through their photo albums to find some treasures and they have. I can already imagine the lively conversations we will have sharing photos and telling the interesting stories behind them. Creating an ongoing history of the community is like a treasure hunt. A photo or artefact that you may have overlooked in the past suddenly becomes a valuable object that unlocks a story, and the thing about sharing it with others in the community is you can tap into their memory and find out even more to your surprise and wonderment.

Here are the links to the earlier stories that offer an overview of what you will learn at the workshop.

Website Workshop Overview – Click here

Photo Challenge for Website Session – Click here

See you there. And, yes, there will be tea.

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  1. Doreen Beer Pound on March 6, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    It was great to hear about all the possibilities we have for our community website. The working session was a great way to share ideas and practise putting together stories from scrapbook pictures. Sure hope there will be another chance to get together soon to scan photos and gather more great stories!

  2. clyderiver on March 7, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Yes, we had a creative group of people in the workshop, and I am sure there are many more good people still out there who have a lot to contribute. There were some great stories discussed in the second half of the session that we can finalize for the site. Also, we saw the power of combined memory when each person had a piece of the puzzle that further developed a story. I was also pleased to see all the photo albums at the Centre that feature events over the years. Each of these events is a potential story.

    Another good thing about the website software is we can have multiple stories ready in the admin area of the site, and we can then publish them when we wish. This is a great strategy to set up a regular publishing schedule for the website.

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