March Ice Races

The following article was found in a scrapbook featuring the Clyde River Ice Races that were held on March 4th. The year is not mentioned but likely the 1930s, or maybe you can let us know what exact year it was based on the names of those involved.

The largest crowd of the season was on hand to witness three classes of real good racing on Saturday, March 4. Owing to the ice softening up some of the time was not as fast as the previous races, but competition was very keen with some very close finishes.

Class A, trot and pace, had four starters, Convincer, Peter Pin, Lou Patch and Jippy K. Convincer won the last two heats of this race quite handily, after losing the first heat to a good trotter, Peter Pin. Jippy K was a very close third. Lou Patch had to be drawn after the first heat on account of pulling a shoe.

Much credit is due Monty Hyde the owner and driver of Convincer for his skillful handling of this horse, which was always rated a hard horse to drive. Monty, without any experience previous to this winter, is winning right along against real good horses and old and experienced drivers.

Class B had four starters, Darky, Tony Mack, Premier Witt and Bud Mack. This class was won by Darky. Bud Mack cut his quarter in the first heat and had to be drawn.

Class C had three starters, Worthy Pat, Nelly Axworthy, Betty Kalmuck. Worthy Pat, a real good green trotter won this class in straight heats.

Next race to be held on Saturday, March 11, ice and weather conditions favorable. Race starts at two o’clock sharp.


Class A Trot & Pace

Convincer (M. Hyde) 2  1  1

Peter Pin (N. Walker) 1  2  2

Jippy K (R. MacPhee) 3  3  3

Lou Patch (H. MacLean) 4  dr

Class B. Pace

Darky (J. Murray) 1  2  1

Premier Witt (Willis) 4  1  2

Tony Mack (MacPhee) 2  3  3

Bud Mack (MacLean) 3 dr

Class C. Trot

Worthy Pat (Willis) 1  1

Betty Kalmuck (MacNeill) 2  2

Nelly Axworthy (MacEwen) 3  3


Starters: Ambrose Seller, Harry MacLean

Judges: George Livingstone, Jack MacNevin, Davis Ward

Patrol Judges: Mack Vickerson, Daniel MacNeill

Announcer: L.T. Beaton

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  1. Lori Jensen on March 7, 2011 at 11:19 am

    I don’t know what year it was but I will tell you this. It means so much to see this article (and others) in print. I did not know about my Father’s skill in horse racing. Had no idea. My son (Rick) and I are very grateful for this information and cherish it dearly. Rick just spent 2 days in an ice fishing tournament. He seems to share the love of the outdoors (winter) that my Father obviously did. I do remember him (Monty) going ice fishing (smelts) on the Clyde River. There must be some stories out there about that. I remember telling someone in Ontario about cutting a hole in the ice and “spearing” smelts! As I recall, they had a little trouble believing it. Help me out here guys!!!

  2. Jo-Ann MacPhail on March 7, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I have pictures of ice fishing in Watson Livingstons’ shack.
    If anybody is interested, they can call me and I’ll try and find them.
    Jo-Ann MacPhail

    • Lori Jensen on March 7, 2011 at 11:13 pm

      Hi Jo-Ann,

      I am Monty’s daughter Gloria (changed my first name many years ago). I live in Calgary. I would love it if you would look up the pictures. Is there a way that you could either post them on the Clyde River website or send them to me? I would be happy to call you if you wish to give me your phone number.

      Many thanks.

  3. Britt Svensson on May 8, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    There was a mare called Nelly Axworthy, born 1915. She was by Axworthy out of Nelly Farren by Jay Bird. The only traces I have found from her is a grand daughter named Renée Scott by Scotland. She had a daughter in US named Miss Mighty Scott who was exported to Sweden. Renée Scott was then exported to Denmark where she got another daughter named Alice Scott. This mare was later sold to Sweden. From Miss Mighty Scott and Alice Scott there has been descendants also in Finland and Germany, but I can’t find any trotters from this female line racing today.

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