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I am sure many of you will recall autograph books that celebrated friendship and were very popular with young adults. The humorous rhymes were fun to read and recite. Here are a few. If you have others in your collection, please include them in the comments, and we will add them to the article. These rhymes were found in an autograph book from the 1930s.

Where rocks and hills divide us
And you no more I see
Just take a pen and paper
And drop a line to me.

When the summer sun is setting
And you from cares are free
When of others you are thinking
Will you sometimes think of me.

When you are sitting on the sofa
With a young man by your side
Be aware of imitations
For his moustache may be dyed.

Love many, trust few
Always paddle your own canoe.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

Higher round the mountain
Greener grew the grass
Down came a billy-goat
Riding on his “overcoat”.

When you are sitting all alone
Thinking of the past
Remember that you have a friend
That will forever last.

When twilight draws the curtain back
And pins it with a star
Remember me as I do you
Though we may wander far.

If you like me, that’s your business
If I like you, that’s my business
I am full of business
How about you?

By hook or by crook
I will be the last to write in your book.

The following are some examples of closing phrases:

Yours till the undertaker undertakes to take me under

Yours till the tree packs its trunk and leaves

Yours till the pillow slips

Yours till hairpins get sea sick in a marcel wave.

(Authors unknown)

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  1. Doreen Beer Pound on March 30, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    “I thought and thought and thought in vain
    At last I thought I’d write my name.”

    Oh, the wonderful memories this story has brought forth!
    I will be reciting verses for the next while, and in doing so, remember some wonderful friends and fun times.

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