Would anyone know this man in the tin photo?

The white house on the upper end of the Baltic Road, like every older house, has an interesting history. Today it is known to many as the Bill Waller house. The home was built before 1900, perhaps 130-135 years ago. It was first owned by a family with the surname of Scott and later by Walter Boyle. A Burns family, some connection to the previous owners, lived there before Bill Waller Sr. bought this property when he returned from WWII. Here, Bill and Mabel Waller raised their children Margie and Bill. Bill Sr. delivered mail for many years using a horse and wagon or sleigh before cars, and he tells great stories about the high banks of snow his horses could break through to make sure the mail was delivered on time.

Presently, this house is owned by Bill Waller and it is now a rental property. The old barn that was mentioned in the Clyde River history has been torn down since that writing.

Recently, the couple who currently live there were doing renovations in the living room and they found some interesting articles behind a mantle. These items would be treasures to family members but their origin is unknown. Bill has already taken letters from Scott ancestors to Percy Scott. A tin picture of a well-dressed gentleman was found in the wall. It was probably placed there when the house was built since tin pictures were in vogue around 1880.

Here’s the challenge. Does anyone have any idea who this man might be?
Does anyone know if it was custom to put a picture of the builder of a house in the walls?

Finally, does anyone else have a tin picture they would like to share? If no one can claim connections to the man in this picture, Bill Waller would like to have this picture put at the Community Centre for its historical significance. Perhaps there are other tin pictures in the community, and we could create a display of such gems.

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  1. Doreen Beer Pound on July 21, 2011 at 9:02 am

    I love mysteries…..

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