Happy Birthday, Jo-Ann MacPhail

Jo-Ann and her kids - Peter, Victoria and Mark

Jo-Ann MacPhail celebrated her 60th birthday party at Riverview Community Center on Sunday afternoon. What a great time! Many of her family and friends were there to enjoy the day with Jo-Ann, even her gang of artistic friends from the LEAP program.

I knew without a doubt it would be beautifully decorated and that she would have a few surprises. She had a photo display of her as a young girl, her graduation, wedding day and family photos along with two delicious cakes.

She was definitely Queen for a Day as she dawned a tiara that said “Happy Birthday” given to her by a couple of her guests.

For a lady that gives so much of her time and talent to the community, it was wonderful to see her having such a great time. I am sure she will enjoy all the thoughtful little gifts, cards with notes and many colourful balloons over this next week as she remembers this happy day.

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  1. Jo-Ann MacPhail on November 24, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Thanks for a great write up and picture. I was so pleased to see so many of my friends and family all togeather. I was very surprised and tearfully happy to see my daughter Victoria, who had flown in from Guelph for 48 hours!! to help celebrate my birthday with me and my sons Mark and Peter.

    Also thanks to everybody who helped make my 60 th birthday such a success by visiting, sending cards, gifts and helping before, during and after my party.
    Special thanks to my sister Elizabeth who arrainged the party and Megan Dugan (Marks friend) for all her help in the kitchen.

    Love to you all, Jo-Ann MacPhail

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