Remembering Clyde River’s Veterans

World War I Monument in Clyde River

Remembrance Day is our community’s time to remember the Clyde River men and women who served our country.

The Veterans’ Display has been featured in the Riverview Community Centre since the early 90s. Neila and Warren MacKinnon accumulated the photos and taped interviews of Clyde River veterans. This summer, the display was reframed.

Veterans’ Display at Riverside Community Centre

Spanish American & World War I Veterans:

First row: John Darrach (Spanish-American War), Eldon Darrach, Lee Darrach, Sr., Oswald Darrach, Beecher Hickox, Daniel Livingstone, Thomas MacKinnon

Second Row: Nelson McLaughlin, Edward MacPhail, Alexander Murchison, Randolph Murchison, Alexander Murray, Hector Murray, Brenton Scott

World War II, Korean War & Peace Corp Veterans:

Top Row: John Beer, Lee Darrach, Jr., Lee Darrach, Sr., Everett Gillespie (Peace Corp), John Gordon, Murchison Gordon

Second Row: Beecher Hickox, Eleanor Matheson (CWAC), Eric Matheson, Major Matheson, Miller Matheson, Roderick Matheson (Korean War)

Third Row: Reginald MacKinnon, Robert MacKinnon, Warren MacKinnon, Nelson MacLaughlin, Louis MacLean, Myrtle MacLean

Fourth Row: Lorne MacNevin, Elmer MacPhail, Arnold MacPhee, Arthur MacPhee, Everett Murray, Harold Murray, Wendell Scott

More details on Clyde River veterans can be found in the community’s book, History and Stories of Clyde River.

The Veterans’ Display features those veterans born in Clyde River. There are also men and women born in other communities now residing in Clyde River who are veterans. This Remembrance Day, we express our gratitude to all our veterans who fought to secure our freedom.

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