Now that’s a difficult job!

[slideshow]This week Adam Pollard finished the shingling of the Burnside Presbyterian Church in Clyde River. First, he shingled and repaired the church roof, and this week he completed the work on the steeple. Anyone driving along the TCH on December 6th and 7th did well to keep their eyes on the road, because it was fascinating to watch this construction taking place at such a high location. In fact, the basket that allowed Adam to complete this job could be seen from several locations and nobody envied his task. Denise Gillespie wanted to experience this, so she actually went up in the basket to take wonderful pictures.

Meanwhile, construction is taking place at the Riverview Community Centre and the Clyde River Baptist Church has just completed impressive new flooring. Indeed this has been a busy corner for the past few weeks. Well done, all tradespeople! Thank you to the “keepers” of these historic buildings for putting the resources into keeping the churches and the community centre in good repair and, in fact, enhancing their beauty and value.

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