MacPhee’s Featured on CBC’s Land and Sea Episode on Harness Racing

MacPhee's exercising race horses in pool by the Clyde River

Clyde River’s MacPhee family was featured on Land and Sea’s television episode dedicated to Harness Racing in PEI which aired last Sunday, February 5th. The episode is still available for viewing on Land and Sea’s website. There are some beautiful shots of Alex and Audrey’s farm with horses grazing in the fields overlooking the Clyde River and being led down into the pool by the river for their daily exercise. Audrey said they were filming for an entire day last summer.

The program does a wonderful job of showing the history of harness racing in PEI from its roots in ice racing, when it was a friendly rivalry among farmers, to a hobby at the tracks in Charlottetown and Summerside and now as a business in an entertainment complex where races are simulcast throughout North America. PEI is often referred to as the Kentucky of Canada.

Three generations of MacPhee’s are interviewed including Alex, his son Brian and his grandson, Brody. It shows Brian shoeing a horse and Brody talking about the thrill of racing. They have a camera mounted on a sulky with a view of the driver, so you can capture the feeling of the race along with Brody.

Congratulations to the MacPhee’s. This program makes us all proud of your commitment to horses and to the harness racing industry.

Here is the link to the show – Land and Sea Episode on Harness Racing

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