There are so many reasons to love Clyde River

Winter is just about over and all will agree it was an easy winter weather wise. Today was a wonderful mild day and the new white snow was very pretty. The Clyde River is definitely showing signs of spring. This writer, Emily Bryant, went to the Riverview Community Centre for a minute and found Pearl MacEachern shovelling the snow from the walkway. She says she does this when she’s out walking and it’s just something she does “for exercise and to help the Community”.

Over the winter, I have seen others clearing the walkway as well – quietly, not looking for recognition but just to help out. I’ve seen Jim Pound, the Watts family, JoAnn MacPhail, Vans Bryant, Audrey and Alex MacPhee, and Erica Ross all shovelling. Erica to “get exercise because one doesn’t get much exercise studying at University”. Harold and Carol Richards have spent many hours completing finishing touches since the fall renovation project and they too make sure the path is open for events.  Allan MacLean swings in with his tractor and snowplow to clear the parking place. He’s been quietly doing this for years. I know there have been others I haven’t seen shovelling snow but a BIG thanks to all who took the time.

Each year, the Clyde River Women’s Institute have a discussion about hiring someone to keep the walkway and deck clear. Most times the Institute has not needed to hire anyone because there are so many faithful community volunteers who remove the snow – all  quietly without looking for praise. Just another reason why Clyde River is a special place.

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  1. Jo-Ann MacPhail on March 20, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Clyde River is a great place to live with neighbours helping neighbours.
    Emily Bryantis one of our unsung heroes, she works long and hard to make Clyde River a better, happier place to live on PEI.

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