Sound System added to Riverview Community Centre

[slideshow]As a final touch for the Clyde River project, a versatile, quality sound system has been installed at the Riverview Community Centre.  Hirtle’s Sound designed a system that perfectly meets the needs of the Community Centre, and this week it was installed by Barry Hirtle and John Barlow. This amplification system features speakers in each of the two main upstairs rooms and also in the room in the basement, so the sound can be zoned to match the requirements for events at the Community Centre (former Clyde River school). This system is crystal clear and natural for speaking voices and can be used for music events as well.  It was already helpful for the LEAP Open House, as speakers could be easily heard by the large crowd of almost 100. The sound set up is relatively easy to operate, and, upon request, Vans Bryant can train people to use this system.

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