Scenes and Sounds of Spring

[slideshow]How delightful spring is! These pictures were taken in Clyde River on May 1, 2012. They represent signs of spring that are delightfully beautiful and free. Too bad the sounds can’t be duplicated because the frogs clucking at night and the little birds chirping in the sunlight are so cheery. We also hear a woodpecker picking at the tree and sometimes on the satellite dish –poor confused bird. Of course, there are the sounds of lots of geese flying overhead. Every year there seems to be more of these majestic Canada geese in the fields or overhead.

Having a pond nearby means we have the joy of seeing Mallard ducks every spring and fall. Of course, we have no proof that we have the same ducks each year, but we do know that most years that we, the Bryants, have lived here, there has been a female Mallard duck that has built a nest around the edge of the pond. And faithfully, the colourful Mallard drake has circled around the pond for days keeping a watchful eye and chasing away any other ducks that might see the water and land for a drink or a swim. It’s an interesting fact of nature that the pond can accommodate several ducks in the fall, but, in the spring, a couple pick the pond out and claim this as their private domain. Unfortunately, even this faithful male can’t protect it from large predators like foxes but, oh, he will make a noise if any other animal tries to invade his territory.

The grass is never greener than in the spring. The red soil is never brighter than when it’s just been newly harrowed. The trees are just bursting to open their leaves and there are more signs of green showing up every day. The first flowers are appreciated since they herald an upcoming season of lovely colorful flowers. Daffodils and tulips are like a colourful gift to cheer us up. The yellow finches are a favourite, as they shine in the morning sun. Who would think a magnolia tree would grow here but with Sally Ross’ green thumb and a sheltered spot, her magnolia tree is now at its best and looks magnificent. Driving down the Clyde River Road, it’s hard to keep one’s eyes on the road as the red soil is being worked and planted and golfers are enjoying the first games of golf on bright lush looking greens. The scene though that’s the best of all is the beautiful Clyde River with clear, smooth sparkling water. This river has brought value in many ways over the years and continues to be one of Clyde River’s most valuable assets.

Just take some time in May to spot all these signs of spring beauty, and you will likely discover many more – for example, Murchison Place Park is looking great, and with the annual clean-up on Saturday, May 19th, it will be awesome. Please join other volunteers to help make this park ready for summer.

Also, Saturday, May 12th is the Annual Roadside Clean-up. Pick up a plastic bag from any WI member, and let’s clean the sides of the roads, so the winter’s trash does not distract from Clyde River’s natural beauty.

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