Emily Bryant Selected to Receive the Order of PEI

Our dear Emily has been selected to receive the Order of Prince Edward Island. Emily, for those of us who live in Clyde River and the rest of us who have a strong connection to the community, we stand alongside you in celebration and offer you a group “pat on the back.”

The other two recipients announced today are Sybil Cutcliffe of Charlottetown and Dr. Albert “Bud” Ings which many of us know, and we wish them a big congratulations as well.

The Order of PEI recognizes Islanders who have shown individual excellence or outstanding leadership in their chosen occupation and profession. I think we can all agree that Emily excels in both areas. The Order of PEI is the highest honour that can be awarded to a citizen of Prince Edward Island. Emily will receive her Order of PEI at a special investiture ceremony at Government House, Charlottetown, in September.

Here is a summary of Emily’s contribution published today in The Guardian:

There are people – neighbours, acquaintances and friends – who enrich our lives and that of the larger community. Then there are those special few who merit recognition for their contributions to the fabric of the town or city we share. Among that select group is Emily Bryant. A worthy recipient of the Order of Prince Edward Island, Bryant is known for her long-time work in the areas of mental health and nursing, as well as her commitment to the community of Clyde River. Whether it’s teaching nursing assistants and working on improving addiction strategies, reclaiming a woodlot so that it becomes a lively green space enjoyed by children and adults, or establishing the heritage of her home town through the publication of The History and Stories of Clyde River, Bryant lives up to her motto: “Make a difference for others.” A poet once wrote: “God made the country, and man made the town.” In the case of Emily Bryant, her contribution to the social and cultural life of the Island has helped in the development of her beloved part of P.E.I. and added, in small and large ways, to the health and well-being of the province.

Emily, we are very proud of you, and we feel honoured to have shared at least a part of your journey that has brought you here today, and, in our own way, we will do our best to emulate the example of dedication to community service that you have shown us.

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