Canada Day in Clyde River

[slideshow]Canada is 145 years old today and certainly a lot has changed in that time. But what I like most about our country’s birthday is what has not changed. Kids still love hot dogs, cupcakes and ice-cream. They still like to play games and win prizes. Kids remind us that no matter what economic changes we may face as a country, their needs are simple…let’s go outside, run around, have a treat and make bubbles.

Clyde River’s Canada Day attracted all ages. Steven Stead does a great job of organizing the festivities; he knows what kids and adult kids enjoy. Jim Colodey barbecued hot dogs. Steven passed around cupcakes with red and white icing and different flavours of ice cream.

Carolyn organized the races in the back yard for the bigger kids and little kids. Some were jumping a little ahead of the get-ready-set-go command. Another race had them hopping like bunnies to the finish line. One little boy had the Canadian flag held high as he was first to cross the finish line. Winners received gold chocolate medallions that were melting quickly in the heat. At the end of the games, Carolyn had the kids line up from the shortest to the tallest to pick a prize out of the bin. Kids were then busy measuring each other while cueing up.

Kerrilee and Shannon had their twins Katherine and Victoria there for the occasion. It wasn’t long before the little girls had their sun glasses and sandals off and were walking on the grass. They had lots of relatives to offer them attention and walk with them around the school yard. Oh, to be 1.5 years old again.

It was a hot and sunny day in Prince Edward Island today, so for those relatives from away who are planning to come home this summer, we look forward to enjoying fun and festivities with you as well. Happy Canada Day, everyone.

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  1. Emily Bryant on July 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    What wonderful pictures of what was obviously a fun time in Clyde River. Thank you Steven and Carolyn and Jim and thank you,Vivian, for the pictures.

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