Open Farm Day Today

[slideshow]It is Open Farm Day in Prince Edward Island today and Clyde River’s Don Northcott welcomed over 200 visitors to his farm. Don featured varieties of grapes that he is growing on a hill sloping up from the marshes of Clyde River. He offered guests a chance to rate the taste for each grape variety and provide comments on a handout questionnaire.

On another part of the farm was a fruit stand of plums and crab apples. Behind that people were picking their own blueberries. Within the next few weeks, apples in the large orchard will be ready for picking.

This is the 11th year for Open Farm Day in PEI, and the event promotes awareness for Island farms, products and producers. On this warm sunny day, it was great for folks to get out and breathe some fresh country air and take a walk around this beautiful and fruitful farm with its harvest of colour and flavours.

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