Community Resolution #4 – Play More

You know the best thing about winter? Not much happens and the days can be quiet. You know what is worst about winter? Not much happens and the days can be quiet. When we are busy, we want to rest and when we are resting, after a while we are looking for something to do. When we work, we want to play and when we are playing, we are thinking of things we should do. Therein lies the dichotomy of human existence. Let’s see how this human struggle can be balanced in light of our next community resolution.

Community Resolution #4…

Play more.

If any of you have children or a pet, you will already know that they are not conflicted about such things. They innately understand how to balance rest and play. What happens to us as we grow up is we get introduced to the “shoulds” that take up residence in our brains. So when we sit for a few minutes, or just generally goof around, that little voice in our brain says, “Now, we should do (fill in the blank)”. There are obviously things we need to achieve each day as a responsible adult, but how can we fit in more play while building community?

The large crowds that attend crokinole on Monday nights already found the answer. “They make it a priority.” Others take the time on the weekend to watch their kids play hockey. Have you ever noticed that when you introduce more play into your life, you are more productive when you get back to your responsibilities?

Here is a list that introduces a few ideas on how we could play more as friends and community. Please suggest your own in the comments section if you can think of some other good ones.

  • Invite some people over for a board game or a came of cards…and don’t care about who wins.
  • Watch your neighbour’s kids or grandkids play hockey or whatever sport they are involved in.
  • Take your child or grandchild on a play date e.g. art class or story time. Libraries offer events and so does Confederation Centre of the Arts. There is also a new place called “That Fun Place” along by the North River Causeway. Check out their site at this link. It looks like a good place to burn off some energy and I have been hearing good reviews.
  • Take a child to Owl’s Hollow or Toy R’us, buy a great toy or game and play together.
  • Have a child draw your portrait and post it on your wall for all to see.
  • Make cookies with your children and drop some over to a senior in the community!
  • Invite some people over to work on a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Join the crokinole group at the school once in a while.
  • Watch some curling at the Cornwall Curling Club – here is their website.
  • When is the last time you enjoyed a matinée or evening at the movie theatre? Here is the schedule at Empire Theatres in Charlottetown – link here.
  • Once we have the right kind of snow, build a snowman! Or surprise us and build one in front of the community centre!
  • Build snow forts and have a good old-fashioned snowball throwing competition to see which fort is left standing.
  • Organize a group to work on a hobby and book the Clyde River community centre, so you can enjoy it together.
  • Invite some musical friends over to play guitar or piano and have a sing-along.
  • Double date with another couple.
  • Invite friends over for comedy movie night and have themed food related to the movie.
  • Get together and go swimming at CARI pool. See their programs here.
  • Take tennis lessons at the SPA – link here.
  • Learn a dance style – if you know someone who could teach dance, invite them to offer a few lessons at our community centre. We have a great sound system to turn the music up and move.

Even writing this list is great fun! Try making your own list and see the creativity flow. Post it on your refrigerator and share it with friends and family. You may have them saying, “Let me know when you are planning to do that; I want to join in.”

Let’s build a playful community!

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