Clyde River Website Celebrates its 4th Birthday

This week the Clyde River website celebrates its 4th birthday. The website launch coincided with the launch of the book, History and Stories of Clyde River. Since that time, the site has gathered not only a loyal local community audience, but also audiences of readers from other Island communities, relatives and friends living away with connections to Clyde River, and yet others who enjoy reading about a country community in Canada.

There have been heartfelt emails from those who left Clyde River or their father or grandfather left Clyde River who have re-connected to their Island heritage after many years. They tell me that the memories and stories they heard flood back into their minds, and their emotions come through in their words when they say how much they appreciate reading our stories. Some have reconnected with cousins they never met. Others have contributed to the site.

Reviewing the website stats offers us some highlights on traffic to our site over the years. Some of these results may surprise you, as you see how far-reaching our website is in the world.

  • First post published: November 22, 2009
  • Total pages viewed in four years: 60,522
  • Highest number of page views in one day: 1023 – March 17th, 2013, the day we added the photo albums to Photo page.
  • Total stories published in four years: 306
  • Total comments in past four years: 227
  • Top 15 countries that visited our site within the last year: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, India, Germany, Philippines, Ireland, Ukraine, Macao, Switzerland, Poland, New Zealand and Indonesia.
  • Website pages in order of popularity within the last four years: Home, Photos, Events, Newsletter, Council, Contact, Recipes, About and Park
  • Most popular stories in past four years: Horses and Sleighs; Clyde River Receives PEI Heritage Award; Tour of Burnside Community Care; Jessie McCrady: An Inspiring, Incredible Woman; Bannockburn Road; Jessie’s Campaign, Darrach-Poritz Homestead; Dixon’s Farm and This Old Barn has some Stories to Tell.
  • Our rate of growth over four years: 2009 – 714 page views (Nov-Dec), 2010 – 6401 page views, 2011 – 10,846 page views, 2012 – 15,134, and 2013 (to date) – 27,438 page views
  • Average page views per day: 2009 – 18, 2010 – 18, 2011 – 30, 2012 – 41, 2013 – 84
  • Top sources referring traffic to website in past four years: Search engines (e.g. Google search), Facebook, WordPress Dashboard,, email subscribers, Twitter, the, Reader, central and
  • Email subscribers: 53
  • WordPress followers (other bloggers): 33
  • Facebook followers: 222
  • Twitter followers: 206
Our audience: Red shows highest traffic

Our audience: Red shows highest traffic

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