Wow! The park looks great!

Murchison Place Park looked great by the time 20 volunteers left there this morning.It was a perfect weather day for the spring clean-up.Special thanks to Alan MacQuarrie and Alex Dixon for use of their vehicles.The rakers attacked the leaves with vigour and, in a short time, the park looked clean and inviting.

The perennial garden came to life without a layer of leaves and soon forget-me-nots were showing up all around the park. Several people took food for a much appreciated refreshment break. The Ross family had the most representatives with Lisa, Kevin, Erica and Ellen and ever faithful Sally. JR MacQuarrie was the youngest volunteer. He has been there since he could walk.

There are still some special touches to add, but the park is ready for summer fun. We hope many people get out to appreciate this lovely park on the corner of TCH and the Clyde River Road.

Jo-Ann MacPhail organized the clean-up for the Friends of Clyde River and provided the photos featured in slideshow.

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  1. Doreen p. on May 23, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    Great pictures! Thank you to the volunteers who keep our park looking so good. Doreen P.

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