Murchison Place Park – Thank you to our Volunteers


Saturday, May 23, 2015 was a great day to open up Murchison Place Park for another summer of enjoyment. Over 20 people helped rake and clean and sort to get the park looking great.

Some of these participants have been here for every annual clean-up. Some of the children, like Cedric Stead, Benjamin and J. R. MacQuarrie and Lilly and Nellie Wood, have grown up during the years the park has been in existence and now, they know exactly how to help to get the park ready.

Lisa and Kevin Ross’ daughters, now young women, are usually the first here and they work fast and hard to accomplish any task. A few are well into retirement, (you know who you are). They were here from the beginning and they sure know how to work and what works for the perennial gardens, signs, etc.  It was wonderful to have the Sandersons join the regular group of helpers. Really, there was little winter damage and with lots of help, the clean-up happened in record time.

Thank you to Lisa Ross for her capable leadership. She kept everyone organized and did this in such a way that everyone felt their contribution was important. Thank you to Alan MacQuarrie who provided his tractor and spreader as well as Alex Dixon who provided his truck for transport. Thank you to those who provided snacks. It’s not just about the refreshments, it’s time to chat and reconnect because even though many live close together, they don’t often see each other.

Murchison Place Park has an interesting history beginning the generous gift of the property by the descendents of Dr. A.J. and Mrs. Murchison. It demonstrates strong community spirit by the volunteers who created and maintain this park. It is exactly ten years since the clearing of the property began and that makes ten years of volunteering by the many people who work to create the peaceful setting it is today.

This park and these park clean-up days provide opportunities for community connectiveness. The park’s overseers are now members of the group Friends of Clyde River. They wish to say that everyone is welcome to use the park. They just ask that the park area is respected and left in as clean as condition as they found it. Enjoy the summer in this lovely sunshade park – the pride of Clyde River. (submitted by Emily Bryant)

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