Successful Park Clean-up

What a wonderful turn out on Saturday, May 14th to prepare Murchison Place park for the 2016 summer!! Even though, as JoAnn MacPhail explained, it is closed now for updating and exciting new equipment.

About 30 people pitched in to rake and sort and organize the park, and it looked great by the time everyone left. Best of all, some younger, new-to-the park volunteers gave encouragement to those who have been around since the beginning of this Park, now 10 yrs. ago.

Once again Kevin and Lisa Ross and their three now grown up “E” girls had the most volunteers from one family. New volunteers, the McQuaid boys, Ben and Brent, worked very hard and were a big help. The impressive Angela Sanderson and —— Irving (sorry, can’t remember the first name) explained how they use leaves for compost for their garden and that their tomato plants in their greenhouse are ready for planning. This young couple are role models for environmental awareness with their solar panels, wind energy and smart house construction. Jeff Cameron was glad to help as his family use this lovely park.

Emily and Vans Bryant were happy to return to chat with their friends from the past and see how well this park has survived the winter. However, the early birdhouses and some of the original add-ons have not stood up to weather’s beating, so they join the Park Committee in welcoming new equipment this season.

Rev. Steven Stead brought Montgomery to help this year. Now all of the Stead boys have had their hand in the park clean-up. Of course, Alex Dixon and Alan MacQuarrie are always a big help with JR tagging along. Christine Young has been here to help every year and she’s such a great worker.

Nancy and Mike Fitzgerald wanted to make sure the perennial plants are in good shape as Nancy had planted many of them. Grace and Melody Sider were very careful to uncover the plants in the heritage perennial section and soon these flowers will bring color. Meanwhile the yellow tulips are inviting at the park’s entrance.

Of course, there were snacks for everyone and lots of chatting and the work ended as the rain started. Just turned our perfectly. The rest of the work can wait until a warmer day.

Thanks to Emily Bryant for this report. Sounds like a great success. We look forward to all the new improvements.

Note: Click on any photo to view enlarged photos in gallery.

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  1. Audrey on May 14, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Congrats to all who helped with the Park cleanup – sorry I missed it this year as it is always a work/fun occasion. Hope next year I’ll make it. Audrey

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