Clyde River School Arithmetic Exam – 1930s

So, do you think you are smarter than your Grandma or Grandpa? Here are arithmetic problems from a textbook in the 1930s. Hint: you may have to ask your Grandparents to help you solve these.

  1. In walking around a field, starting at the south-west corner, you go north 36 rd., then north-east 60 rd., then south 72 rd., then west 48 rd. to the starting point. Find the number of acres in the field.
  2. A house and lot cost $4500, the value of the house being $3600. The house is insured for 3/4 of its value at .8%, and repairs for the year cost $40. The property is assessed for 2/3 of its value, and the tax rate is 18 mills on the dollar. What rent per annum must be received in order to realize a 4% investment?
  3. A solution for spraying fruit trees and plants is made up of Lime (4lb.), Copper sulphate (4 lb.), Paris Green (1.4 lb.) and Water (50 gallons). What will 100 gal. of such a mixture cost, if lime costs 5 cents per lb., copper sulphate 40 cents per lb., and Paris green 75 cents per lb.?
  4. Ten pigs weighing 56 lb. each and bought for $50, after feeding for 120 days weight 224 lb. each. They then sell for $5.625 per cwt. What is the net profit, if it cost 4.25 cents in feed to produce l lb. of gain?
  5. In sewing, the uneven-basting stitch is 3/8 long and 1/4 in. in space. How many stitches must be taken to sew a seam 2 ft. 3 in. long?
  6. Rolled oats require 1 3/4 hr. cooking on a range, but if a fireless cooker is used, 15 min. cooking on the range and the rest of the time in the fireless cooker. How much fuel is saved by using the fireless cooker, if 8.6 cu. ft. of gas per hour are used by a gas burner, gas costing 70 cents per thousand cu.ft.?
  7. For flavoring, 1 oz. of chocolate is equivalent to two tablespoons of cocoa. Chocolate costs 44 cents per lb. and cocoa 25 cents per box of 1/2 lb. There are 8 tablespoonfuls of cocoa in one box. Which is cheaper to use?
  8. Mrs. Murray is about to make a dusting cap 20 in. in diameter. She sews lace around the edge and allows for one half extra in fullness, and 1 in. in from the edge she sews beading. How much lace and beading are needed?
  9. If one sheep consumes 700 lb. of hay worth $16 per t., $1 worth of pasture, and 5 bu. of oats worth 40 cents per bu., in 1 year., find the cost of raising a flock of 210 sheep in a year.
  10. If 12 horses can plough 96 ac. in 6 da., how many horses will plough 64 ac. in 8 da.?

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