We invite you to Capture our History – “Photograph an Artifact”

The Clyde River History Committee is launching a new project this fall to further capture our Clyde River history – called “Photograph an Artifact.” We invite anyone who is interested in having artifacts in their private collection to be photographed for a community digital photo collection to contact us. You don’t have to donate the item(s) to the museum to take part. 

An artifact could be furniture, books, documents, clothing, sporting equipment, crafting/personal items, toys, kitchen tools, dishes/glassware, farming implements/equipment – anything that offers a glimpse into the early history of Clyde River before the 1960s.

We would not identify the owner or where the items are located. We simply want to take photos of the artifacts to build our photographic collection for historical education purposes. We will most likely feature this photo collection on our website, so people can have a further glimpse into Clyde River’s past. 

If you are interested in participating in this project, please email Vivian Beer, Chair of the Clyde River History Committee at vivian@eastlink.ca  or call 902-367-1818, and we can set up a time to take photos. For those living away from PEI, if you have any historical items that are connected to Clyde River’s history, we welcome you to email us photos of these artifacts – please connect with us in advance and we can send examples of the specifications for photo submissions. 

The Clyde River history collection now includes over 200 artifacts and about 2000 digital photos, so we look forward to expanding our digital photo collection through this project.

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