Clyde River Lecture Series Begins this Saturday

The 8th Annual Clyde River Lecture Series will begin this Saturday. All are welcome.

Saturday, January 25th, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Linda Jean Nicholson – Genealogy and Serendipity: Crossing the pond 

Linda Jean Nicholson (Guardian photo)

In September of 2019, Linda Jean travelled to England, Scotland, and Norway on a genealogical research trip. Her plan was to search for distant relatives in dusty archives and ancient cemeteries and, if time allowed, visit some local historical sites. What she also found were lovely people, beautiful scenery, and unexpected connections.  Linda Jean will share stories about her trip and the serendipity she experienced while walking where her ancestors once lived.

Linda Jean Nicholson is Executive Director of the PEI Senior Citizens’ Federation and a past President of the PEI Genealogical Society.  A certified genealogist, Linda Jean has been doing research for over 40 years and has authored several articles and books on Island history and genealogy. She was born and raised in suburban Boston, but all four of her grandparents originated from Prince Edward Island. She is currently working on her thesis for her Masters of Arts in Island Studies from UPEI on the development of the poor relief system on PEI.

The Clyde River Lecture Series takes place at the Riverview Community Centre at 718 Clyde River Road. All presentations will be followed by refreshments and a social time. These events are a great chance to get out in the winter to learn about and discuss our interesting local history. Our museum will be open to view our collection of over 200 artifacts and heritage photos. For more information on this series, please contact Vivian Beer,

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  1. R. Jean Beer on January 21, 2020 at 9:46 am

    Sounds great, I definitely will attend on Saturday, Jan 25th 1:30 pm. Like Linda Jean Nicholson, I was also born and raised south of Boston (Quincy) and all my grandparents were born and raised here on PEI.

    Jeannie Campbell Beer


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