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Painting in the clover

Painting in the clover

Art the Park – Plein Air – will take place on Saturday, July 25th from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon at Murchison Place Park. Clyde River artist Julia Purcell will lead the morning which will offer participants a choice of self-directed group painting or an optional group lesson with Julia for a portion of the morning before spreading out in and around the park to paint.

Julia welcomes any level of painter, whether you are a beginner or beyond and offers the following overview of what she will teach.

“Thinking and understanding the style/approach to your painting is useful and then defining your personal preferences in relation to style. The question is, do you prefer the linear style or the painterly style? And then how do you achieve that? And can your painting have aspects of both approaches and still work as a successful, convincing painting?” Julia will show how that it possible.

Julia will also spend time talking about the many colors of green that we encounter when painting en plein air. “We will experiment with suggestions on how to mix a sunlit green or a shadow green, a distant green hill or nearby field of green grass, the deep green of evergreens or the bright green of deciduous trees or whatever else nature sets out before us. It’s all fun for painters,” Julia describes.

Participants need to bring all their own supplies including paints, brushes, palette, tape, paper and backboard or canvas. An easel would be useful as would a clamp-on beach umbrella and sunscreen, plus a hat. Pack a lunch, if desired. Coffee will be provided. The event will take place in sunshine or light rain.

We also welcome those who enjoy watching art being created to drop by.

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The Old Home - Artist Audrey MacPhee

The Old Home Place – Artist Audrey MacPhee

Millie’s Marvels are a group of artists who meet weekly to paint together at the Burnside Presbyterian Church in Clyde River. Their artistic works are on display until May 8th at Cornwall Town Hall. The show is called “Beginners’ Choice”. Millie Kikkert’s budding artists are Wanda Corney, Audrey MacPhee, Phyllis Taylor, Gloria Sauvé, Betty Watts, Ada Drummond, Lois Gass, Jean Beer, and Donna Clow.

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It was a spectacular day for a plein air or “paint out” event in and around Murchison Place Park. About 20 artists and onlookers enjoyed the light, warmth and inspiration that a summer morning in July can deliver. Two artists arrived along with Julia Purcell at 6:30 a.m. and set up their easels on opposite sides of the park. Other artists arrived throughout the morning, with baskets, easels and chairs in hand, and set up around the boardwalk and gazebo. Clyde River Artist Julia Purcell spent time with each artist, answering questions and offering tips.

The first thing Julia suggests when painting outside is to set up your easel so you are facing the sun. Then when you attach your umbrella, you and your canvas will be in the shade. The canvas should be upright, not leaning back, to ensure that the lines in your painting are correct. Never place the focal point in the centre of a painting; it should be off-centred to create more interest and proper movement of the eye as one views it. Use a warm colour as a base. Julia used a yellow ochre, diluted with water to create a warm background to her scene. Add the main lines of the painting e.g. buildings and fences, to establish its overall composition and then add colour.

Julia said it is important to not waste time driving around all day in a car looking for a special location, but just pick a spot and enjoy the full experience of painting outside within a landscape.

In the middle of the Fitzgerald’s field of clover overlooking the Clyde River, Julia painted and taught her admiring audience. Julia didn’t get a chance to finish her painting at the event, but she has promised to send us a photo of her work.

Thank you to the artists and onlookers who came out on such a beautiful day. Thanks to the Friends of Clyde River for providing the beverages, Jo-Ann MacPhail for providing freshly baked muffins and Erica and Lisa Ross for set up. A big thank you to Julia for leading this artistic expedition that we all enjoyed so much.

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Julia Purcell watercolour of Clyde River

Julia Purcell watercolour of Clyde River

Clyde River artist Julia Purcell is leading a Plein Air event on Saturday, July 19th, 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

The early bird artists will start at 6:30 a.m. but we welcome artists and those who want to watch art being created to drop by at any point during the morning. Coffee and muffins will be provided compliments of the Friends of Clyde River.

The Island Plein Air Group of painters will join Julia. Whether you are a seasoned painter or a beginner, this “Paint Out at Art in the Park” adventure is for you. Photographers, poets, writers and other creative people are also welcome.

The plan is to spread out around the fields and vistas surrounding Murchison Place Park to find the perfect scene. Painting demonstrations will be available with special tips on how to deal with wind, sun and rain when painting outdoors.

Bring along your art supplies, easel, hat, sunscreen and lunch.

We live in a lush and picturesque corner of the Island and we want to see it painted!

The event will take place in sunshine or light rain. If there is heavy rain, then we will hold the event the next morning, July 20th, 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Meet at Murchison Place Park at the Corner of Clyde River Road and the Trans Canada Highway at 6:30 a.m. Parking is available across the road at the Clyde River Presbyterian Church.

For more information, you can call Julia Purcell at 368-7526.

What is Plein Air painting?

For most painters, painting is a solitary activity; the fewer the distractions or interruptions, the better. But, once in a while, it’s fun to plan a “Paint Out” with fellow painting enthusiasts. “En plein air” was a term the French Impressionist painters used in the late 1800s to denote the then revolutionary idea of getting out of their studios and parlours to paint outdoors.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 1.00.34 PM

Doreen Pound

Doreen Beer Pound, a lifelong resident of Clyde River, has expressed an interest in recapturing some of Clyde River’s past in watercolour and pen. She is accepting submissions of photographs of homes, barns, businesses, buildings, items, or scenes depicting early times in Clyde River and area.  If you or someone you know has a photo(s) that you feel would be of interest and might be suitable, please contact Doreen at doreenpound@gmail.com or at 902-675-2466.

Each submission should include some background information, i.e., location, when it was built, by whom, who lived/worked there, type of business with brief description. If it is a photo of an item, explain what it is and what is was used for. She will select from the photos and create art featuring watercolour and pen that will be displayed at a public showing later this year at the Riverview Community Centre. Doreen’s work will be her contribution towards the Prince Edward Island’s 2014 celebrations. It is her wish that our community’s history be recorded not only in word but also through art. Preferably she would like a good quality COPY of original photos that do not need to be returned.

Doreen has been painting in both watercolour and acrylics but prefers working with watercolours and pen where she has developed a style she particularly enjoys. She credits Julia Purcell, well-known local artist, with introducing her to the fascinating world of sketching and intricacies and magic of watercolours at LEAP, Learning Elders Art Program, held in our community for a number of years along with PEI Seniors College. She has also studied under Henry Purdy, Mary Curtis, Geraldine Ysselstein, Susan Christensen and Anne Gallant, all well-known and respected Island artists.

Here are some samples of heritage photos and her pen and watercolour interpretations:

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.58.58 PM

Dunedin photo

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 1.00.06 PM

pen drawing

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.55.04 PM

Crossing the river

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.59.41 PM

Watercolour and pen

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It has been a busy and rewarding year for the Friends of Clyde River, and we thank all of you for attending, supporting and volunteering at community events. The purpose of the Friends is to undertake special projects that promote community spirit, offer historical education, manage Murchison Place Park and provide community news and stories via the community website.

An overview of the 2012-13 activities and events include:

  • Pancake breakfast in 2012 with another one coming up this Sunday morning
  • Historical Lectures from January to March
  • JoyFit Exercise Program that runs Monday and Wednesday mornings throughout the year
  • Concert in the Park in July
  • Art in the Park in August
  • Park improvements that included new playground equipment, bathroom rental, and enhancement to flower beds
  • Stories featured on the website throughout the year. A total of 300 stories have been published on the Clyde River website with nearly 60,000 page views since it was first launched in November 2009.

Friends of Clyde River is made up of community members that take a lead within the various working groups:

Bruce Brine: Friends of Clyde River Chair & Finance
Alex Dixon: Murchison Place Park
Jo-Ann MacPhail: Park and Community Spirit
Lisa Ross: Park and Community Spirit
Melody Sider: Community Spirit
Sandra Cameron: Historical Education
Vivian Beer: Website Communications & Historical Education

We invite anyone to volunteer for any of our activities. You can enjoy community work that best fits your interests.

If you wish to participate through financial donation, we invite you to support the ongoing work of the Friends of Clyde River. You will receive a tax receipt for a donation of $25 or greater. Please make your cheque payable to Clyde River Community Council. The donation will be passed on to the Friends of Clyde River. You have the option to indicate that your donation be used for specific projects or activities that the Friends of Clyde River carries out.

If you have any questions about the Friends of Clyde River, please email Bruce Brine clyderiver.cic@pei.sympatico.ca or Vivian Beer at vivian@eastlink.ca.

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Well, it is our hope that Winter has taken the hint and is on its way to leave room for the arrival of Spring. Not sure about you, but when I was younger, I couldn’t wait until Summer, but now it’s Spring I love. The landscape with its new grasses looks freshly mowed, the sky yet to be filled with the haze of summer brings the heavens a little closer and cool running waters show us what sapphire blue really looks like. Early mornings are filled with the busy songs of birds and it does one good to take a walk and smell earth in the air.

It is soon May and plans will be made for spring tasks and summer family times, vacations and visitors coming home from away. Well, while you are filling in your calendar, we have some events we would like you to add in, and make sure to take along your visitors if they are around. Show them what an active community we have and the fun we enjoy when we get together.

Murchison Place Park Cleanup: Saturday, May 18th, 9:00 a.m. Let’s beautify the park for this summer’s events! Bring your own garden and cleanup tools. Food, refreshments and camaraderie included. If it rains on that day, the cleanup will take place on Monday, May 20th at 9:00 a.m.

Canada Day Celebrations: Monday, July 1st, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Riverview Community Centre. Be a kid again or still. Enjoy hotdogs, cake and ice cream. The games for kids are not unlike those played a century ago, but they are still popular, and it’s great to hear and see their youthful enthusiasm and laughter as they cross the finish line and claim their prize. You can view photos and the story from last year’s event by clicking here.

Strawberry Social: Wednesday, July 10th, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Riverview Community Centre. The Clyde River Women’s Institute will be back to host their ever popular Island strawberries and ice cream. People come from far and wide for this occasion, so it is not only a flavourful event; it is a great time to see old friends from other communities and those home from away. View photos and story from last year’s social by clicking here.

Concerts in the Park: There will be another concert in the park this year at Murchison Place Park! It will be held Sunday, July 14th at 6:30 p.m. If any of you have attended one of our concerts in the park before, you know the variety of entertainment you can enjoy. The organizer is Lisa McQuaid-Ross at 675-4273 or email kjross@pei.sympatico.ca. Read about the 2011 Concert in the Park by clicking here.

Art in the Park: Saturday, August 10th, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Murchison Place Park. Bring along your artistic talent or just your love of art and take in the spirit of inspiration within our beautiful canopied park. We will serenade you with classical music and refresh you with beverages and a few homemade treats to complement your lunch. We are still finalizing our program, but this year, we may be featuring two artist demonstrations. We will have raffle prizes from local businesses that are far beyond your average door prize which will please your palate and your eye for beauty. Take along your own chair, lunch and any artistic supplies to enjoy your art or hobby. If the weather is rainy, we will move the event to the Riverview Community Centre which is walking distance from the park along the Clyde River Road. This Centre has hosted many artistic events and offers views of the hills and river that will equally inspire art. Please come along and experience for yourself what it is like to relax and be inspired. Read about Art in the Park 2012 here and 2011, here.

There now, that is quite a Spring and Summer to look forward to. And, no, Winter, you can’t come; we’ll tell you all about it next January.

With hills sloping down to the river, we have our own natural amphitheatre of beauty and sound. Enjoy arts and culture in the countryside this summer in Clyde River.

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A group of artistic friends met at Riverview Community Centre to enjoy an afternoon of art today. The friends first met at Seniors College and decided to strike up a weekly art in the open event every Wednesday during the summer. They take along their own supplies and meet at a different location each week.

There are around 40 people on the mailing list, but people just show up if they can, so the group size can vary. With the rainy forecast for today, they thought they would meet closer to the city and under some cover, so Doreen Pound suggested that they meet at Murchison Place Park under the gazebo. The downpour was so heavy that they decided to take refuge within the Riverview Community Centre. Each week someone hosts the event, so this week Doreen was happy to welcome them to her community.

Doreen gave them a tour of the Centre, and she said they were impressed with how beautiful and well equipped it was. Doreen told them the history of work the Clyde River Women’s Institute did to maintain and update the facility and told them of events hosted at the Centre throughout the year. They enjoyed studying historical photos in the Emily Bryant Room.

Many of them took their inspiration from views out the window. One gentleman created a beautiful drawing of the corner cabinet. Joan Creamer painted the view through the kitchen window. Joan taught an art course at Senior’s College, but today she was just one of the friends enjoying a pleasant and creative afternoon.

Doreen had some coffee, tea and cookies for them. They enjoyed commenting on each other’s work. Next week is their final week, and there will be a potluck supper at one of the artistic friend’s cottage.

This art group is a wonderful example of the friendships and activities that can result from taking a course at Seniors College.

Saturday, September 15th is Seniors College registration day from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, at Atlantic Veterinary College (UPEI). For more information on courses and schedules, visit www.lifelonglearning.upei.ca, email seniorscollege@upei.ca or call 894-2867.

You only have to pay a flat rate of $135 to register, and then you can take as many courses as you wish in three consecutive semesters. An extensive range of subjects are offered. Courses include Astronomy, Choral Singing, Computer Basics, Cooking, Digital Photography, Art & Drawing courses, Economics, Family History, Gardening, Hiking and Island History. No previous academic learning is necessary. All courses are relaxing and informal, and there are lots of opportunities to ask questions. Seniors College is open to anyone 50 years and older. With all these courses to pick from, one would hardly have time to get older.

Seniors College looks like a great opportunity to make friends who share your interests and create year-round socializing.

P.S. This is our 200th post on our community’s website today!

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Like the brook that runs past the Sawyer’s home in Clyde River, so also does the talent and creativity that runs from mother to daughter. Sharon says that Abby started drawing horses when she was three years old, and now as a teen, she still draws and paints them, and she also owns a miniature horse. Her passion for horses was part of her reason for joining 4-H when she arrived in PEI and led to another artistic achievement we covered in an earlier story.

The family owns a cottage in Argyle Shore near their good friend Harvey Inman who also owns miniature horses. Abby’s painting of these horses in the fields of Argyle Shore featured in the slide show was chosen as part of a 2011 summer exhibit, entitled “Visual Arts by Newcomers to Prince Edward Island” which meant it was on display at the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island’s residence while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited and stayed overnight at Fanningbank. What an honour and memory for a young talent.

The Sawyer’s moved here from Massachusetts after summering in Argyle Shore, and the narrative that informs Sharon’s art is her early days in Catholic School where she confesses she had some difficulty following all the rules or, to use an artistic expression, “colouring inside the lines.” She spent a bit more than average time going to the principal’s office, but the upside was she had access to the supplies’ closet where all the crayons and paper were stored. A few of the Sisters were supportive of her artistic creations and encouraged her talent.

A prominent feature of her fabric art are the faces that she meticulously sculpts and places within fabric wardrobes. We have included some close-ups, so you can gather a look at their expressions. For the artist’s interpretation of the featured fabric art, visit Sharon’s blog, Fiber Artist in Prince Edward Island here and scroll through her stories.

Note: to watch the slide show at your own pace, hover your cursor over bottom area of slide show and click on stop icon in middle, then you can click on forward arrow or back one to view the photos.

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Julia is a wonderful artist and she is also a wonderful art teacher. Her local students already know that, but now she is attracting students from other parts of the world. A video was produced that showed her leading an art class at her home which was placed on YouTube. As a result, Julia is receiving requests from visitors to have watercolour art classes with her during their trips to PEI this year.

When I stopped by yesterday, a couple from Syracuse, New York, and their daughter who lives in Atlanta were arriving for their class. They travelled to PEI to celebrate their wedding anniversary and their daughter, to celebrate her birthday. They were eager students as they sat down. Julia had watercolour paper ready and mounted on cardboard, along with brushes and palettes at each of their places around the table.

The students’ class is within Julia’s gallery by a large window overlooking her front gardens. Her paintings are all around on walls and easels, with smaller ones set on shelves of book cases. The house is a perfect retreat with all wood walls and vaulted ceilings, giving her students a warm, spacious cabin-in-the-forest type of feeling. I couldn’t help but think how rich Julia’s daughter Renee’s classical violin music would sound inside this wooden space. Artistic talent runs in the family here.

One of the things that makes Julia such a good teacher is even though she has painted all her career and has an impressive collection of art, she is still full of childhood wonderment about art, and her enthusiasm ignites the same feeling in her students. She shares interesting facts about art history, she tells them how to create a colour, and emphasizes how important it is not to leave your brush in water after you are finished painting…all in an atmosphere of playful abandon.

Julia told them about the Clyde River website, and they were keen to know more about the community, how many people live here and the website address to read stories about the place they were spending their Saturday morning, celebrating precious milestones in their lives and creating treasurable memories. They understand beautiful places; they live among the spectacular Adirondack Mountains in New York, or as they refer to as “the real New York” not the city of New York.

If you know of visitors to PEI, or maybe you and your friends, that would like a group art class with Julia, you can contact her at purcellgallery@pei.sympatico.ca. View the video produced on her art classes here.

Julia and her daughter Renee will be featured at this year’s Art in the Park event at Murchison Place Park on August 11th, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. More information here.

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