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Riverview Community Centre before latest renovation

Many of you are aware of the latest renovation of the old Clyde River School House, but the previous renovation was in 1986. The following is the story that was featured in The Guardian 31 years ago (news clipping from Hazel Beer’s scrapbooks):

W.I. Renovate Old School House Into Centre of Community Activity, by Kathy Jorgensen

In 1972 the Clyde River Women’s Institute purchased the 152-year-old school house in that community and began the long task of renovating it into a community centre.

The original school house had only one room, and in 1964 a second room was added. The goal of the W.I. members was to upgrade and maintain these two rooms and have the building serve the community in many capacities.

Jean MacLean and Neila MacKinnon, both W.I. members, were involved with the renovations over the years. They talked about the work and the many needs it has filled in the community.

The two women, obviously proud of the fresh, new look that the W.I. has given the building, noted they lowered the ceiling in the old section and took out a hatch that led to a clay basement.

“We then had a cement basement poured.” said Mrs. MacKinnon.

The cloak room for the girls was renovated into a small kitchen, and later a large addition to that kitchen was constructed. Recessed lighting, paper, paint, curtains and pieces of furniture were all part of the many additions that made Clyde River Community Centre the central gathering place for special events.

The old “Clyde River School” sign has been left on the building as a matter of heritage. There renovated building was aptly named Riverview Community Centre. Behind it flows the Clyde River and a picturesque view of the river can be seen from the grounds and most windows inside the building.

Mrs. MacLean explained that there had been a hall in the community, but noted it was too run-down to be bothered with. It had been torn down and moved piece by piece to another location and used for a barn. Furniture in the old hall, which had been purchased by the W.I. was moved to the new community centre.

Fixing the grounds was also part of the W.I. project and much landscaping and planting had to be done. Shrubs and flowers were planted, a flag raised and the centre was ready for operation. Now with the community using the facility for teas, anniversaries, picnics, Christmas parties, children’s functions, and community showers, the W.I. feels its work has been worthwhile.

They are still in the process of paying for the many renovations and will hold an auction sale on September 10th beginning at 6 p.m. Both women noted that donations are needed for the auction and they will take almost anything.

Future plans for the centre will mean finishing the basement so it can be used as gym area. The W.I. of Clyde River will be working on that over the next year or two and looking forward to seeing the completion of this project.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.38.39 PMThe Clyde River Lecture Series continues this Saturday, February 15th, with “Renovating the Shaw Family Homestead” presented by Judy Shaw at the Riverview Community Centre at 1:30 pm. Judy is the granddaughter of Walter Shaw, former premier of PEI from 1959-66, and is now living in the family homestead in St. Catherine’s where she had spent summer vacations with her grandparents.

Judy will speak about coming back to live in the family homestead that her grandparents built and managing renovations over this past year. The home is a modified Cape Cod style similar to homes built in the 1860s and particularly to a home that her grandmother lived in while she was nursing in Boston. The home was built in 1923 on a farm settled by the Shaw’s in 1808. Judy will speak about the interesting things she found during the renovation, what is unique about renovating an old family home and gardens of a place with so many memories, what to consider, what to keep and what to change. She will bring along some old photos as well as some before and after shots.

The third in the series will continue the following Saturday, February 22nd with Jack Sorensen from the Tryon and Area Historical Society talking about “Capturing the History of a Community for Future Generations”. For more details, click here. The lectures run from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. followed by refreshments.

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Amanda at her 2013 placement in Korea

Amanda with her kindergarten students in South Korea

Come warm up with Thelma Gillespie’s famous homemade soups and sandwiches, made to order, and delicious desserts on Sunday, February 2nd between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Gluten-free and vegetarian options available. This delicious lunch will be accompanied with a perfect cup of tea or coffee.

Your support will go towards assisting her daughter Amanda Gillespie with her six-week practicum placement in Stratford, New Zealand. There, Amanda will be volunteer teaching in a Maori community. She is currently completing her Education degree, with a specialization in Indigenous Education. As a requirement to graduate, she is to teach in an Indigenous community.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at St. Thomas University and then travelled to Seoul, South Korea, where she spent 3 1/2 years teaching English as an Alternative Language in South Korea. It was in Korea where she discovered her passion for teaching.

The fundraising lunch is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12 years old. All your support will be greatly appreciated as it brings Amanda one step closer to following her dreams!

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Clyde River has a line-up of events this Fall and that other season that we don’t mention until we have to. Mark your calendars.

Saturday, October 19th: Murchison Place Park Close Up – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Anyone who has participated in this event knows that working together in the park is great fun and good exercise. It is a wonderful chance to enjoy our beautiful park at the end of the season. Refreshments will be provided.

Sunday, November 17th: Pancake Breakfast – Riverview Community Centre. More details to follow. Partial proceeds will go to support Murchison Place Park.

Tuesday, December 3rd, 7:30 p.m. – Adult Community Christmas Party – Don’t miss this popular and entertaining event of games, skits, a visit from Santa and lunch. Good laughs are guaranteed.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:15 to 7:00 a.m. – JoyFit exercise classes  – Riverview Community Centre

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The Burnside Women’s Morning Out Group will be holding an indoor “New to You” Yard Sale on Saturday, October 5th, from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon at Clyde River’s Riverview Community Centre.  Some of the proceeds will be going to Burnside Presbyterian Church and the Riverview Community Centre. The event will happen rain or shine.

For more information about the sale, please contact Millie Kikkert at 675-3061.

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Park Painting

Painting by Millie Kikkert

Local artist Millie Kikkert is selling tickets on her painting of Murchison Place Park. The proceeds will be split evenly between Burnside Presbyterian Church and the Clyde River Community Centre.

Tickets are $2 each and the draw will be October 19th, 2013. To purchase a ticket/tickets, please contact Millie at 675-3061.

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Strawberry Social

I scream for ice cream (and strawberries)

It’s Strawberry Season! Some of the sweetest strawberries to be found are in Prince Edward Island, and you can try them crushed over ice cream next week along with some homemade cookies and cakes.

The Clyde River Women’s Institute will host their annual social on Wednesday, July 10th, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Riverview Community Centre. For those of you heading out from Charlottetown, the centre is just a short distance off the Trans Canada Highway on the Clyde River Road.

People come from far and wide for this occasion, so it is not only a flavourful event; it is a great time to see old friends from our own and other communities, make new friends and see those home from away. View photos and story from last year’s social by clicking here.

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