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Well, it is our hope that Winter has taken the hint and is on its way to leave room for the arrival of Spring. Not sure about you, but when I was younger, I couldn’t wait until Summer, but now it’s Spring I love. The landscape with its new grasses looks freshly mowed, the sky yet to be filled with the haze of summer brings the heavens a little closer and cool running waters show us what sapphire blue really looks like. Early mornings are filled with the busy songs of birds and it does one good to take a walk and smell earth in the air.

It is soon May and plans will be made for spring tasks and summer family times, vacations and visitors coming home from away. Well, while you are filling in your calendar, we have some events we would like you to add in, and make sure to take along your visitors if they are around. Show them what an active community we have and the fun we enjoy when we get together.

Murchison Place Park Cleanup: Saturday, May 18th, 9:00 a.m. Let’s beautify the park for this summer’s events! Bring your own garden and cleanup tools. Food, refreshments and camaraderie included. If it rains on that day, the cleanup will take place on Monday, May 20th at 9:00 a.m.

Canada Day Celebrations: Monday, July 1st, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Riverview Community Centre. Be a kid again or still. Enjoy hotdogs, cake and ice cream. The games for kids are not unlike those played a century ago, but they are still popular, and it’s great to hear and see their youthful enthusiasm and laughter as they cross the finish line and claim their prize. You can view photos and the story from last year’s event by clicking here.

Strawberry Social: Wednesday, July 10th, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Riverview Community Centre. The Clyde River Women’s Institute will be back to host their ever popular Island strawberries and ice cream. People come from far and wide for this occasion, so it is not only a flavourful event; it is a great time to see old friends from other communities and those home from away. View photos and story from last year’s social by clicking here.

Concerts in the Park: There will be another concert in the park this year at Murchison Place Park! It will be held Sunday, July 14th at 6:30 p.m. If any of you have attended one of our concerts in the park before, you know the variety of entertainment you can enjoy. The organizer is Lisa McQuaid-Ross at 675-4273 or email kjross@pei.sympatico.ca. Read about the 2011 Concert in the Park by clicking here.

Art in the Park: Saturday, August 10th, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Murchison Place Park. Bring along your artistic talent or just your love of art and take in the spirit of inspiration within our beautiful canopied park. We will serenade you with classical music and refresh you with beverages and a few homemade treats to complement your lunch. We are still finalizing our program, but this year, we may be featuring two artist demonstrations. We will have raffle prizes from local businesses that are far beyond your average door prize which will please your palate and your eye for beauty. Take along your own chair, lunch and any artistic supplies to enjoy your art or hobby. If the weather is rainy, we will move the event to the Riverview Community Centre which is walking distance from the park along the Clyde River Road. This Centre has hosted many artistic events and offers views of the hills and river that will equally inspire art. Please come along and experience for yourself what it is like to relax and be inspired. Read about Art in the Park 2012 here and 2011, here.

There now, that is quite a Spring and Summer to look forward to. And, no, Winter, you can’t come; we’ll tell you all about it next January.

With hills sloping down to the river, we have our own natural amphitheatre of beauty and sound. Enjoy arts and culture in the countryside this summer in Clyde River.

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Central Parish Soup Kitchen Ministry offers a heartfelt “Thank You” to the approximately 100 people who came out today to support their ongoing work. Just over $500 in donations were received which shows what a caring and active community we have in and around Clyde River.

They had some chili left over as well as some biscuits and cake. When they were cleaning up, a Dunedin family dropped by to ask if they could purchase some leftovers, so they went home with a full meal.

Coordinator of the Soup Kitchen Ministry Kerrilee York said, “We had many great volunteers who made the event possible, including those who worked at the event and those who baked, and some did both! These volunteers see what needs to be done without asking and go to work.”

If any of you who did not have a chance to attend would like to support this important work, please contact Kerrilee York at kerrileeyork@gmail.com.

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Volunteers at Soup Kitchen

All are welcome to attend a special lunch of chili, biscuits, cake and ice cream at the Riverview Community Centre on Sunday, April 7th from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., hosted by the Central Parish volunteers of the Soup Kitchen Ministry. This is the same delicious meal that the volunteers serve at the Soup Kitchen on the third Sunday of each month from September to June.

As part of the Soup Kitchen Ministry, five teams of volunteers typically prepare and serve 75-120+ people. Their delicious Chili recipe has become a favourite and features lots of lean-ground meat, fresh green and red peppers and onions. They have a standing grocery order at Danny Gass’ Store in New Haven; Marion has their order ready and waiting for them each time. Others drop off fresh-baked biscuits at the store to include with the order. Typically, 15 dozen biscuits are baked, and sometimes cheese biscuits if the Wood girls have baked them! Desserts include a variety of cakes with ice cream.

The Soup Kitchen Ministry wants to show you and have you enjoy the beautiful meal that they serve. There will be lots for everyone. A free will offering is welcomed which will go towards their ongoing work.

Let’s make a point of getting out to support this wonderful work!

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Kirk Brown’s career spans the energy crisis of the 1970s when it seemed we might run out of oil and we were looking for alternative energy sources to now when we are seeking newer and cleaner energies. He worked with Exxon in the US and then moved on to the Ontario Research Institute and later Ontario Ministry of Energy. One day he saw an advertisement in the Globe and Mail where the newly formed Institute of Man and Resources in Prince Edward Island was looking for a Director of Research. He said the advertisement seemed to fit what he wanted perfectly, so he applied and out of 100 applicants, he got the job.

On April 1, 1977, Kirk and his wife J’Nan moved to Prince Edward Island. They first lived in a home that featured early generation solar panels in Lewis Point Park, but Kirk was keen to buy a farm. When he was a young teenager, he worked one summer on a farm in Ontario and he said it was his favourite job. So combining his two interests, the Browns purchased the MacNeill farm in Clyde River and we are glad they did.

The Institute of Man and Resources was directed by Andy Wells during Alex Campbell’s time as premier in Prince Edward Island. Campbell wanted to take a leadership role in Canada on responding to the energy crisis when the price of oil had quadrupled. Kirk said that Prince Edward Island had historically embraced wood burning energy, but to return to wood and other energies the Institute worked to develop a Canada-PEI agreement (The Agreement) to research improved wood burning systems and to look at solar and wind energies and demonstrate more efficient use of energy as a means of reducing Island household heating costs.

The Ark project in eastern Prince Edward Island is often connected to the Institute. It was a dream inspired by John Todd and the New Alchemy Institute in New England and was funded as a separate part of the Agreement to be operated by the New Alchemists. The Ark was planned to demonstrate a fully self-sustainable lifestyle. Kirk said that it turned out to be more expensive than anticipated because they were trying to integrate many new unproven technologies all at once. The Institute was asked to become the Ark project manager but eventually had to close down the operation due to lack of funding. However, there were aspects of technologies adopted there that later spawned future opportunities in PEI and elsewhere.

Shortly after starting work at the Institute Kirk was approached when plans were underway to build the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The QEH project manager wished to use something other than heavy fuel oil for heating. Kirk and the manager decided to investigate the use of municipal waste. Later Kirk went on to work at the PEI Energy Corporation, where they focused on energy strategies for public institutions. There the idea of using waste led to the Energy From Waste plant for heating the QEH. The District Heating System in Charlottetown was born out of the EFW plant. This underground system now pipes heat to many public buildings throughout Charlottetown.

The other legacy that the early work of the Institute and the PEI Energy Corporation established was wind energy. Prince Edward Island is now home of the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, and energy produced from wind turbines in PEI contributes to local energy needs and has become a valuable energy export for the Province. PEI has an excellent wind regime and was one of the early innovating regions.

Kirk’s concern these days is still on alternative energies. The Browns use solar panels to generate hot water, and wood heats their house. But more so, Kirk is unwavering in his opinion that we need to move toward energy strategies that will minimize climate change problems and the cost that it places on our environment and quality of life for future generations.

The audience had many questions for Kirk, and his breadth of knowledge was evident as he helped us to understand the economic and political winds that drive alternative energy policies and development and how important it is to keep viable energy strategies top of mind. As a community, we are so pleased to have such a valuable resource in our midst. Thanks Kirk.

If you want to watch the daily breakdown of PEI’s electrical usage, view this graph created by Peter Rukavina here. To find out more about Peter’s research, read here.

Want to know how much of our energy is currently being created by wind? Click here. To see the PEI government wind energy charts, click here.

We include here a video interview that Peter Rukavina had with Kirk and featured on a site discussing Climate Change,  “Think About it – Climate Change.”

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Website reporter and early riser Kerrilee York attended the first Joy Fit class at Riverview Community Centre this morning at 6:15 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. along with a dozen other enthusiastic souls who braved the cold. Instructor Deborah made everyone feel welcome and uplifted. She greeted Kerrilee with a big hug as soon as she walked in the door!

Deborah was great to show different variations of an exercise to suit all levels of fitness. At the end of the class, she gave out small laminated messages to each participant. Kerrilee’s message read, “Support and Challenge One Another”.

So there you go. The most difficult part of a new exercise program is the jitters of attending the first class. Looks like it was a friendly place for all.

February is heart month, so do your heart a favour and feel the love of our Joy Fit class. Congratulations to the Friends of Clyde River, Community Spirit Committee, for organizing this program. Joy Fit runs on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6:15 until 7:00 a.m.

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It’s now easier to keep up to date on Clyde River events!

We have upgraded our events page on our website to include a Google calendar that offers you these new features:

  • Click on events within calendar and a pop-up will offer you more information.
  • View a larger format calendar and print it off to post on your refrigerator or bulletin board.
  • You can sync our calendar of events to your calendar on your computer or mobile devices.

Click on the Events page or link here: https://clyderiverpei.com/calendar-of-events/

Make sure to pass on this link to your friends and family who want to keep up to date on all our events. We will be regularly adding more events, so stay tuned.

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We had an enthusiastic crowd of 35 people last Saturday, so we are keen to see all of you out tomorrow for what promises to be a very entertaining and educational lecture with Catherine Hennessey. She will be talking about the importance of Samuel Holland to the history of Prince Edward Island. I would think by the time she is finished, we will all be standing up for his legacy.

Catherine’s lecture begins at 1:30 pm and runs until 2:30. You can then continue the conversation over home-made treats and hot beverages.

The lectures take place at the Riverview Community Centre on 718 Clyde River Road.

The series is presented by the Friends of Clyde River, Historical Education Committee.

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