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Clyde River has a line-up of events this Fall and that other season that we don’t mention until we have to. Mark your calendars.

Saturday, October 19th: Murchison Place Park Close Up – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Anyone who has participated in this event knows that working together in the park is great fun and good exercise. It is a wonderful chance to enjoy our beautiful park at the end of the season. Refreshments will be provided.

Sunday, November 17th: Pancake Breakfast – Riverview Community Centre. More details to follow. Partial proceeds will go to support Murchison Place Park.

Tuesday, December 3rd, 7:30 p.m. – Adult Community Christmas Party – Don’t miss this popular and entertaining event of games, skits, a visit from Santa and lunch. Good laughs are guaranteed.

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:15 to 7:00 a.m. – JoyFit exercise classes  – Riverview Community Centre

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Well, it is our hope that Winter has taken the hint and is on its way to leave room for the arrival of Spring. Not sure about you, but when I was younger, I couldn’t wait until Summer, but now it’s Spring I love. The landscape with its new grasses looks freshly mowed, the sky yet to be filled with the haze of summer brings the heavens a little closer and cool running waters show us what sapphire blue really looks like. Early mornings are filled with the busy songs of birds and it does one good to take a walk and smell earth in the air.

It is soon May and plans will be made for spring tasks and summer family times, vacations and visitors coming home from away. Well, while you are filling in your calendar, we have some events we would like you to add in, and make sure to take along your visitors if they are around. Show them what an active community we have and the fun we enjoy when we get together.

Murchison Place Park Cleanup: Saturday, May 18th, 9:00 a.m. Let’s beautify the park for this summer’s events! Bring your own garden and cleanup tools. Food, refreshments and camaraderie included. If it rains on that day, the cleanup will take place on Monday, May 20th at 9:00 a.m.

Canada Day Celebrations: Monday, July 1st, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Riverview Community Centre. Be a kid again or still. Enjoy hotdogs, cake and ice cream. The games for kids are not unlike those played a century ago, but they are still popular, and it’s great to hear and see their youthful enthusiasm and laughter as they cross the finish line and claim their prize. You can view photos and the story from last year’s event by clicking here.

Strawberry Social: Wednesday, July 10th, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Riverview Community Centre. The Clyde River Women’s Institute will be back to host their ever popular Island strawberries and ice cream. People come from far and wide for this occasion, so it is not only a flavourful event; it is a great time to see old friends from other communities and those home from away. View photos and story from last year’s social by clicking here.

Concerts in the Park: There will be another concert in the park this year at Murchison Place Park! It will be held Sunday, July 14th at 6:30 p.m. If any of you have attended one of our concerts in the park before, you know the variety of entertainment you can enjoy. The organizer is Lisa McQuaid-Ross at 675-4273 or email kjross@pei.sympatico.ca. Read about the 2011 Concert in the Park by clicking here.

Art in the Park: Saturday, August 10th, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Murchison Place Park. Bring along your artistic talent or just your love of art and take in the spirit of inspiration within our beautiful canopied park. We will serenade you with classical music and refresh you with beverages and a few homemade treats to complement your lunch. We are still finalizing our program, but this year, we may be featuring two artist demonstrations. We will have raffle prizes from local businesses that are far beyond your average door prize which will please your palate and your eye for beauty. Take along your own chair, lunch and any artistic supplies to enjoy your art or hobby. If the weather is rainy, we will move the event to the Riverview Community Centre which is walking distance from the park along the Clyde River Road. This Centre has hosted many artistic events and offers views of the hills and river that will equally inspire art. Please come along and experience for yourself what it is like to relax and be inspired. Read about Art in the Park 2012 here and 2011, here.

There now, that is quite a Spring and Summer to look forward to. And, no, Winter, you can’t come; we’ll tell you all about it next January.

With hills sloping down to the river, we have our own natural amphitheatre of beauty and sound. Enjoy arts and culture in the countryside this summer in Clyde River.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 2.25.00 PM

Jo-Ann MacPhail, Robert MacPhail and Ferne Halman

If you ever need ukulele players, we now have three of them in Clyde River. Ferne Holman and her brother Robert MacPhail and friend Jo-Ann MacPhail joined a LEAP at the South Shore Villa this winter.

They are so grateful to Dennis Wells for his weekly trips to the South Shore Villa to spread the gospel of the ukulele. He is the instructor for South Shore Villa’s LEAP.  Dennis has been coming out to Crapaud every Wednesday for eight weeks to teach the gang how to play and sing along at the same time. This is a skill that the majority of our group never had the opportunity to learn before.

This class of ten seniors is thrilled, even astounded with their progress and are already planning additional concerts after their final class performance on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at South Shore Villa in Crapaud. Everyone is invited to attend the concert.

The new players love the versatility of the ukulele and how it lends itself to many styles of music from blues to gospel to the classics. The instrument’s small size makes it very playable and portable for the older beginner.

It takes courage to try new things. Here are some quotes from the new players:

“Excellent course!! I really enjoyed my time with Dennis and the other players. Who would ever have thought…dreamed, that I might actually learn to play an instrument?” – Jo-Ann MacPhail

“What a great way to spend a morning! It is fun and relaxing. Dennis was a great teacher. It’s so nice to get together and learn a new instrument you never played before.” – Ferne Halman

“I was pleased to learn about the ukulele.” – Robert MacPhail

I, Julia, was given a ukulele on my eighth birthday along with a book. I recall that at first I wasn’t too impressed, as it wasn’t obvious to me that it was about the chords and strumming along as I sang. But I do remember my breakthrough in understanding. That early experience stayed with me and is likely why I wanted others to have the fun of learning to play along. It’s all  about having the opportunity to try. So parents never underestimate the value of your gifts and how your efforts on behalf of your children may bear fruit many years later.

The participants are appreciative of the Learning Elders Arts Program funded by the Dept. of Tourism and Culture and the PEI Seniors Federation Inc.

(Story provided by Julia Purcell)

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What a wonderful Fall we had here in PEI and still not any arrival of snow but maybe tomorrow, as the chilly Northwest winds have arrived. The month of December will soon be upon us and in PEI that means the beginning of the Christmas party season. Clyde River will have their community Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 4th at 7:30 pm at the Riverview Community Centre.

Whether you live in or love going to Clyde River events, you are welcome to enjoy the warmth of our hospitality. Other than bringing along your Christmas spirit, you can choose to bring along a gift (value of $5) for an exchange. Men are to take gifts for men; women take gifts for women. There will be music, carol singing, skits, games, some tasty food and overall a grand time.

The Women’s Institute are participating this year in the White Cross Christmas Gift Campaign. This campaign was established in the early 1960s by the Canadian Mental Health Association, PEI Division. If you wish, you can bring along a small, new, unwrapped gift of a personal item e.g. shampoo, cosmetics, socks or gloves. The Clyde River W.I. will arrange to drop off theses gifts at the White Cross Program office in Charlottetown. Gifts will be given to those who may not otherwise receive one this season.

On the evening of our Christmas Party, we will be selling tickets to win a 3′ x 2′ gallery photo of Clyde River featured on the front cover of the newly launched photo book, Landscape of Memories. Tickets are $5 each. Also, if you have not yet had a chance to purchase the book with 170+ full-colour photos of our community and you wish to give it as gifts this season, there will be books available for sale at $25.

So find a touch of red in your wardrobe and come on out to celebrate the Christmas season with your friends and neighbours.

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If you subscribe to The Guardian newspaper’s print edition, you have likely already read the half-page story featured yesterday on Art in the Park 2012. Otherwise, you can read the article entitled Creativity Flowed under a Canopy of Trees written by Cassandra Bernard and photographed by Brian McInnis by clicking here.

The perfect streak of sunny weather we have experienced for most of this summer was challenged this past Saturday, as a misty shower arrived just about 10:00 a.m. Although, we were well protected from a light rain under the trees, the droplets that trickled down from the leaves on our skin was refreshing after the hot, humid week we had endured. Farmer Alex Dixon studied weather maps beforehand and said the shower would not last. We already had everything set up, so we were keen to believe him, and those who came were full of enthusiasm.

Jo-Ann had already arrived on her lawn tractor, hauling a trailer loaded with brilliantly-coloured potted plants to decorate the centre area of the park. Carla MacDonald, Ellen Ross and Kerrilee York had transported chairs and supplies from the community centre. Kerrilee had the beverage table ready with a beautiful table cloth and the coffee brewed. Fresh biscuits and jam contributed by Doreen Pound were on plates. Julia had her group class ready to begin under the trees where she could have the most protection from further possible rain. Jo-Ann had umbrellas to cover the registration and raffle tables. Pam Wheatley from Cornwall Public Library had the children’s reading tent set up along with a large selection of art and craft books for visitors to view. Ellen Ross had the sign out by the Trans Canada highway. Alex Dixon had the church door open for easy access to washrooms. Doreen tied yellow balloons to the front gate to guide visitors. Our dedicated Art in the Park team was forging ahead.

A small but very committed group of guests showed up early and congregated under the trees with Julia. Renee Dahn had already begun playing her heavenly music. Pretty soon, the art group was well into understanding how to analyze a landscape and translate it to drawing and watercolour. Conveniently, there was a spectacularly large yellow grain field just beyond the trees to the North to offer the perfect scene to complement the lesson. We sent up a notice to Facebook and the website just in case anyone was checking on the event’s status, and before long we were welcoming more folks to the artistic fold.

There were lots of lovely prizes. The raffle table was busy. Jo-Ann sold tickets for fresh blueberries and blueberry plants from Clyde River Orchard, a gift certificate and promo items from Marco Polo Land, and a bouquet of flowers from her own gardens. Door prizes included art supplies and $50 gift certificate from Ellen’s Creek Gallery, a wine basket from Matos Winery, and a gift certificate from Gass’s General Store. Cornwall Save Easy provided beverages and cheese for everyone.

We were pleased to see The Guardian photographer and a reporter join us and share our experience of this beautiful park and its inspiration for creativity.

This year, we had some new visitors who had never had a chance to visit the park, in fact, they did not know it existed. They told us how delighted they were to find such an enchanted spot and have plans to return with friends.

So at the end of the day, what flowed even more than light rain was the creativity that each person brought to the event. See you next year.

Note from Cornwall Public Library:

Cornwall Public Library supports the visual arts by providing art exhibit space for local area artists. Every six weeks, a new individual exhibit is launched, and a group show happens in the Spring and Fall. For this October’s group show, local artists are invited to produce a piece of art inspired by a favourite poem of their choice. Contact the Cornwall Library for details at 629-8415.

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Did you ever imagine learning about leadership from a duck? Maybe you can. Let’s take a look at Carolyn Wood’s ducks at her farm in Clyde River. In the first photo, you see the brown duck with an idea of the direction to take the group. The others go along, except for the big white duck at the back who had thought her authority was unquestioned.

In the second photo, you notice the brown duck makes the mistake of looking back to possibly exchange a glance with the self-appointed head duck. Well, you can see what happens next. The brown duck who was the leader one moment is now at the end of the line.

Now what lesson could we take from this? If you have a clear direction of where you want to go, don’t hesitate or second guess yourself. Walk or waddle with purpose, and people and ducks will follow you. If you hesitate for too long, those who follow you will become afraid and look for a stronger, more purposeful leader like the big white duck.

There are others who do not wish to be leaders; they stay in the middle, so no matter which leader they follow, their place in the middle is secured.

Beautiful weather is forecasted for PEI this weekend, so head in a direction and enjoy yourself.

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Julia is a wonderful artist and she is also a wonderful art teacher. Her local students already know that, but now she is attracting students from other parts of the world. A video was produced that showed her leading an art class at her home which was placed on YouTube. As a result, Julia is receiving requests from visitors to have watercolour art classes with her during their trips to PEI this year.

When I stopped by yesterday, a couple from Syracuse, New York, and their daughter who lives in Atlanta were arriving for their class. They travelled to PEI to celebrate their wedding anniversary and their daughter, to celebrate her birthday. They were eager students as they sat down. Julia had watercolour paper ready and mounted on cardboard, along with brushes and palettes at each of their places around the table.

The students’ class is within Julia’s gallery by a large window overlooking her front gardens. Her paintings are all around on walls and easels, with smaller ones set on shelves of book cases. The house is a perfect retreat with all wood walls and vaulted ceilings, giving her students a warm, spacious cabin-in-the-forest type of feeling. I couldn’t help but think how rich Julia’s daughter Renee’s classical violin music would sound inside this wooden space. Artistic talent runs in the family here.

One of the things that makes Julia such a good teacher is even though she has painted all her career and has an impressive collection of art, she is still full of childhood wonderment about art, and her enthusiasm ignites the same feeling in her students. She shares interesting facts about art history, she tells them how to create a colour, and emphasizes how important it is not to leave your brush in water after you are finished painting…all in an atmosphere of playful abandon.

Julia told them about the Clyde River website, and they were keen to know more about the community, how many people live here and the website address to read stories about the place they were spending their Saturday morning, celebrating precious milestones in their lives and creating treasurable memories. They understand beautiful places; they live among the spectacular Adirondack Mountains in New York, or as they refer to as “the real New York” not the city of New York.

If you know of visitors to PEI, or maybe you and your friends, that would like a group art class with Julia, you can contact her at purcellgallery@pei.sympatico.ca. View the video produced on her art classes here.

Julia and her daughter Renee will be featured at this year’s Art in the Park event at Murchison Place Park on August 11th, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. More information here.

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