Clyde River Emergency Management Online Questionnaire

As of December 31, 2021 all municipalities on PEI are required to have an Emergency Management Plan (an EMP) that complies with provincial Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) guidelines to protect the health, safety and welfare of community members and minimize damage to property and the environment. As we develop our plan, Clyde River Council is seeking to identify those in our community who may be vulnerable or who may be able to help their neighbors in an emergency. All information gathered is strictly confidential and will only be used for emergency planning purposes, unless you grant permission for other purposes.

May Council also send community notices to this email address?
Is there a separate apartment in this home?

Do you think your household might need special attention in an emergency because of any of the following situations?

Our Household:
Has persons in the household requiring care (I.E. young children, older adults)
Has person(s) with mobility or medical/health issues
Might need transportation as we have no access to vehicles
Has no alternate heat in a power outage so would be cold
Has pets
Has livestock
Would likely need a place to stay if evacuation is needed (no near friends or neighbors)
Stores significant amounts of hazardous or dangerous goods – propane, fuel, fertilizer
Other needs

Would someone in your household be able to help in an emergency, if available?