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Note from Cambodia

Please accept my thanks for going to all the trouble of mailing me the books [to Cambodia].

As you no doubt know the Clyde River Darrachs originally came from Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides Islands off the coast of Scotland. In fact the first John Duncan Darrah was born in Colonsay but died in Clyde River. He is buried in the church yard at the Burnside Presbyterian Church. Colonsay has a interesting website that includes a blog called Corncrake. Much of the website is taken up with local news but from time to time there are people on the blog who wish to know more about the Colonsay diaspora. The Colonsay Darrahs spell the name Darroch. Here is the web link for the website: http://www.colonsay.org.uk/

I feel pretty certain that someone on the blog or the website would be very interested in the Clyde River book and how to obtain a copy. Part of the family also went to New Zealand and I know that they follow the Colonsay website. A few years back when Dr. Beck did the family genealogy, a number of the New Zealand Darrachs (or Darrochs) participated.

Excerpt of note from Jon Darrah, Cambodia

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