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Like the brook that runs past the Sawyer’s home in Clyde River, so also does the talent and creativity that runs from mother to daughter. Sharon says that Abby started drawing horses when she was three years old, and now as a teen, she still draws and paints them, and she also owns a miniature horse. Her passion for horses was part of her reason for joining 4-H when she arrived in PEI and led to another artistic achievement we covered in an earlier story.

The family owns a cottage in Argyle Shore near their good friend Harvey Inman who also owns miniature horses. Abby’s painting of these horses in the fields of Argyle Shore featured in the slide show was chosen as part of a 2011 summer exhibit, entitled “Visual Arts by Newcomers to Prince Edward Island” which meant it was on display at the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island’s residence while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited and stayed overnight at Fanningbank. What an honour and memory for a young talent.

The Sawyer’s moved here from Massachusetts after summering in Argyle Shore, and the narrative that informs Sharon’s art is her early days in Catholic School where she confesses she had some difficulty following all the rules or, to use an artistic expression, “colouring inside the lines.” She spent a bit more than average time going to the principal’s office, but the upside was she had access to the supplies’ closet where all the crayons and paper were stored. A few of the Sisters were supportive of her artistic creations and encouraged her talent.

A prominent feature of her fabric art are the faces that she meticulously sculpts and places within fabric wardrobes. We have included some close-ups, so you can gather a look at their expressions. For the artist’s interpretation of the featured fabric art, visit Sharon’s blog, Fiber Artist in Prince Edward Island here and scroll through her stories.

Note: to watch the slide show at your own pace, hover your cursor over bottom area of slide show and click on stop icon in middle, then you can click on forward arrow or back one to view the photos.

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