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Did you ever imagine learning about leadership from a duck? Maybe you can. Let’s take a look at Carolyn Wood’s ducks at her farm in Clyde River. In the first photo, you see the brown duck with an idea of the direction to take the group. The others go along, except for the big white duck at the back who had thought her authority was unquestioned.

In the second photo, you notice the brown duck makes the mistake of looking back to possibly exchange a glance with the self-appointed head duck. Well, you can see what happens next. The brown duck who was the leader one moment is now at the end of the line.

Now what lesson could we take from this? If you have a clear direction of where you want to go, don’t hesitate or second guess yourself. Walk or waddle with purpose, and people and ducks will follow you. If you hesitate for too long, those who follow you will become afraid and look for a stronger, more purposeful leader like the big white duck.

There are others who do not wish to be leaders; they stay in the middle, so no matter which leader they follow, their place in the middle is secured.

Beautiful weather is forecasted for PEI this weekend, so head in a direction and enjoy yourself.

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