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Julia is a wonderful artist and she is also a wonderful art teacher. Her local students already know that, but now she is attracting students from other parts of the world. A video was produced that showed her leading an art class at her home which was placed on YouTube. As a result, Julia is receiving requests from visitors to have watercolour art classes with her during their trips to PEI this year.

When I stopped by yesterday, a couple from Syracuse, New York, and their daughter who lives in Atlanta were arriving for their class. They travelled to PEI to celebrate their wedding anniversary and their daughter, to celebrate her birthday. They were eager students as they sat down. Julia had watercolour paper ready and mounted on cardboard, along with brushes and palettes at each of their places around the table.

The students’ class is within Julia’s gallery by a large window overlooking her front gardens. Her paintings are all around on walls and easels, with smaller ones set on shelves of book cases. The house is a perfect retreat with all wood walls and vaulted ceilings, giving her students a warm, spacious cabin-in-the-forest type of feeling. I couldn’t help but think how rich Julia’s daughter Renee’s classical violin music would sound inside this wooden space. Artistic talent runs in the family here.

One of the things that makes Julia such a good teacher is even though she has painted all her career and has an impressive collection of art, she is still full of childhood wonderment about art, and her enthusiasm ignites the same feeling in her students. She shares interesting facts about art history, she tells them how to create a colour, and emphasizes how important it is not to leave your brush in water after you are finished painting…all in an atmosphere of playful abandon.

Julia told them about the Clyde River website, and they were keen to know more about the community, how many people live here and the website address to read stories about the place they were spending their Saturday morning, celebrating precious milestones in their lives and creating treasurable memories. They understand beautiful places; they live among the spectacular Adirondack Mountains in New York, or as they refer to as “the real New York” not the city of New York.

If you know of visitors to PEI, or maybe you and your friends, that would like a group art class with Julia, you can contact her at purcellgallery@pei.sympatico.ca. View the video produced on her art classes here.

Julia and her daughter Renee will be featured at this year’s Art in the Park event at Murchison Place Park on August 11th, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. More information here.

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Our community’s history has been launched for a couple of weeks now, and we hear things have been a little quieter in Clyde River since then, as readers have been feverishly reading and remembering. But what we have been hearing that we find interesting is the memories that the book has evoked. So, we thought this site would be a great way to share your further memories about our shared history.

We invite you to the conversation by sending us your comments, stories and those photos that you so wish could have been included, and we will publish them here. Also, because writing history can be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, please send us any corrections/pieces that could be set right.

For those of you who have yet to purchase the book, we encourage you to get your copy and join in.

Please send your submissions to: clyderiverpei@gmail.com

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Emily Bryant recognizes those who contributed to the research and writing of the history at the Book Launch on November 21, 2009.

Article that appeared in The Guardian, November 19, 2009

A patchwork of time…
By Mary MacKay, The Guardian

New book detailing the history of Clyde River pieces together prior interviews, scrapbooks and other information with research of today for a complete community history package

History comes in all forms. And hanging high in the Riverview Community Centre in Clyde River are two historical remnants that are signs of former fundraising times.

Not only do the two heritage quilts dating to 1904 and 1921 bear the hand-threaded signatures of people who paid 10 cents to have their names inscribed to raise money for a local church, they also bear testament to the families who have been the backbone of the community of Clyde River.

“What’s really neat about it is the names are of people who keep appearing over and over in the Clyde River history book,” Emily Bryant says of a new community compilation, The History and Stories of Clyde River, Prince Edward Island.

Bryant is one of five members on the Clyde River History Committee that also includes Sandra Cameron, Hilda Colodey, Nancy FitzGerald and Carol Murray of Cornwall, who are presently or formerly from Clyde River. The committee produced the new book, which was printed by Kwik Kopy in Charlottetown. (more…)

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