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Bannockburn Road

The Bannockburn Road in Clyde River is one of the lovely old roads. This photo was taken sometime between 1940-50 and close by one of the old mills featured in our history book.

What is it about old roads, especially when they are unpaved and in PEI? Any of us who walked to school before massive political paving efforts remember them well.

In Summer when things were dry, you had to cover your eyes and mouth when a car would go by blowing up dust. In Winter, you had to watch the ice on the hills and take a toboggan in the car in case the road that was open when you went to the city was not open when you came home due to drifting, and you would have to haul kids and groceries. And Spring, yes, there was not any possible way to not feel like a country bumpkin unless you had a pair of shoes with you, and you immediately removed your mud-laden boots the moment you had arrived anywhere, but the red mud on the car wheels was undeniable. (more…)

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