My Mother’s Scrapbook: Service Honors War Sacrifices (1991)

Veterens Service Clyde RiverThere was a special service organized at the Riverview Community Centre in 1991 which was sponsored by the Clyde River Women’s Institute to honor the community’s veterans of past wars. Here is the story. (news clipping from Hazel Beer’s collection):

Service Honors War Sacrifices – Early service held at Riverview Community Centre

A special Remembrance Day service was held in the community centre here recently.

Union Jacks covered the pictures of the Clyde River veterans, since that was the flag of wartime, during the ceremony of honor.

They went forth to service their country in times of need not only in Canada, but in South Africa, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Bermuda, Burma, Italy and Holland.

From this small community there was one person in the Boer War, 16 in World War I, 22 in World War II, one in the Post War Peace Corps, and one in the Korean War, said local MLA Ron MacKinley.

Mac Lean Speaks:
Angus MacLean, a war veteran and former PEI MP and premier, told of his experiences in the war when he was shot down as a pilot in the R.C.A.F.

Mrs. Margaret Scott sang The White Cliffs of Dover and Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer – two popular pieces during the Second World War.

David Forsythe, representative for Veterans Affairs for this area, recited Though Poppies Blow in Flanders’ Field and The Unknown Soldier.

Mrs. A.J. Murchison, as the widow of one of the soldiers, unveiled the World War I picture, after which the Union Jack was placed in a stand beside the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Honor Roll
Warren MacKinnon presented an album containing the history of this war, after which Eric MacPhail read the honor roll. The last surviving veteran of the First World War died just a week ago.

Neil MacFadyen rendered a song and Gordon MacInnis, minister of transportation and public works, read The Silent Navy.

World War II pictures were unveiled by Mrs. Cassie MacPhee and the flag was placed in a stand on the other side of the Canadian Flag. Warren MacKinnon presented the corresponding histories.

The honor roll for these people was read by Rev. Robert Lyle, followed by a prayer and a one-minute silence for all wars.

Malpeque MP Catherine Callbeck read of some of the ways in which women served.

Hymns sung were Great Ruler of The Land and Sea, Eternal Father Strong to Save, and Onward Christian Soldiers.

Hon. Lloyd MacPhail was master of ceremonies; Mrs. Jane Morell, the pianist and Robert Lyle led the singing. Robert MacPhail did a video of the proceedings. This was compiled and presented by the husband and wife team of Warren and Neila MacKinnon.

Note: It would be great to get a copy of this video and update it to a digital version for our archives.

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