Youth Inspire Seniors

Left to right: Pierce Smith, Aiden Brine, Catherine Colodey, Emily Ross

It’s a rare treat to leave an event feeling inspired. Yet those who attended the youth presentation at Riverview Community Centre on Sunday April 25th were indeed inspired.

The Clyde River New Horizons for Seniors Project “Youth Inspire Seniors and Seniors Inspire Youth” hosted its first event by inviting four local youth to speak. Although the afternoon was arranged by Marie Brine and Lisa Ross, the youth were very much involved.

Emcee Lisa encouraged audience participation with trivia questions about Clyde River’s history. Bruce Brine operated the power point slides for all speakers and these pictures enhanced the verbal presentations. Melanie, Ella and Nellie Wood, Erica and Ellen Ross and Callie Nelson prepared delicious homemade baking for us to enjoy. The food was very impressive!

The first speaker of the afternoon was Emily Ross who spoke about her experience attending two National Science Fairs. At the Science Fair in Winnipeg in 2009, Emily won a silver medal and a scholarship for her project about Alzheimer’s Disease. Emily chose to share pictures and stories of her trips (verses her project). She described the experience as a wonderful opportunity not only for its scientific value but also because she made friends from all across Canada. Her pictures confirmed that she had a lot of fun.

Pierce Smith shared his love of and involvement in music. He talked of travelling to New York and to Europe for the Vimy Ridge Anniversary where he was part of the Confederation Centre Choir. He plays different instruments with the school band and sings at community events and he plans to continue to expand his musical horizons. Pierce had slides of inspiring quotes to emphasize the value of music on his life. His passion for music was inspiring as well.

Aiden Brine had the audience captivated as his pictures took us to Northern Quebec where he went with other young men on a canoeing trip through the Canadian wilderness with lots of rapids and rough landscape. He learned through this challenging trip values like determination, resourcefulness and teamwork. He loved the quiet beauty of uninhabited nature and the sightings of wildlife. This was an adventure of a lifetime for Aiden.

Catherine Colodey, who graduates next week from Atlantic Veterinarian College, shared her story of the AVC trip to Peru last year where she and several other classmates provided much needed veterinary service to an underprivileged area. Catherine’s pictures confirmed the value of this humanitarian outreach. Although none of the AVC group could speak Spanish and had to rely on an interpreter to communicate, they heard the word “gracias” so often, they knew their work was appreciated. Catherine learned to adapt her skills to manage without the modern technology enjoyed during her training at AVC. This trip strengthened Catherine’s resolve for veterinary work and she would like to participate in a similar experience in the future.

The afternoon’s presentations involved four different speakers – all unique and all wonderful, making it a memorable afternoon.  Everyone present had a heightened awareness of the abilities, talent and confidence of today’s youth.  As one senior said, “ This afternoon gives me great hope for the future, as we have such capable and caring young citizens in our midst.”

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  1. Doreen on April 26, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    This was an absolutely delightful afternoon!! Thank you so much to the organizers but especially to Emily, Aiden, Pierce and Catherine for their interesting and informative presentations. Best of wishes to these talented and well-spoken individuals!

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