Old Clyde River Road

Here is a photo given to us of the old Clyde River Road. It has a lovely view of the Dunedin Bridge, and for those of you who are painters, this would make an excellent subject.

For history buffs in the community, particularly those who live along the Clyde River Road, we would love to hear any details you recognize from this photo e.g. where on the road that exists today would this photo have been taken, the character of the old road and the changes that were ultimately made to it in terms of turns that were smoothed out. Does the birch tree on the left still exist?

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  1. heather benton on December 18, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I think all the above info would be great to know as well1 What a great old shot~
    I must as my father if he has any as he kept/keeps everything!

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