Clyde River Notes: Clyde River School Examination

We feature another excerpt from our Clyde River Notes series. This time, we have found an article featuring a semi-annual school examination held on January 26th, somewhere around the late 1920s. The evening is highlighted by a note to the teacher which was recited by Florence Beer in recognition of his patience toward the students.

Clyde River School Examination

The semi-annual school examination was held in Clyde River School January 26th. There were quite a number of rate-payers and visitors present. The pupils were examined in the various subjects by their teacher, assisted by Mrs. George Dixon and Mr. Clarence MacLean and the prompt and correct answers showed they had received careful training. At the conclusion of the examination an address was read by Florence Beer, and Edith Livingston, on behalf of the pupils, presented the teacher with a handsome sum of money. The teacher although taken by surprise in a few well-chosen appropriate words thanked the pupils very much for their kindness. The singing of the National Anthem brought a very enjoyable examination to a close.

The following is the Address to Mr. Millar MacFadyen, Kingston, from his students.

Dear Teacher: We, the pupils of Clyde River School feel that we cannot allow this Semi-Annual Examination to come to a close without some words of appreciation to you.

During the half year you have been with us, you have endeared yourself to us by your sympathy and helpfulness.

Daily we have tried your patience often by thoughtlessness on our part, but you have dealt very kindly with us, realizing no doubt, “It is better far to rule by love than fear.”

So we ask you to accept this gift as an expression of our good will toward you and may our relations with you be pleasant memories to each of us when we have gone out from Clyde River School to take our places as men and women in the Great World.

Signed on behalf of the pupils of Clyde River School.

Florence Beer
Edith Livingston

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