Letters from the Great War: “Your old humble is still on top yet”

France – April 22nd, 1917 – (Letter #23)

Dear Brother;

Just a line. As you know, I have been carrying this letter for a long time, but I am sending it to England tomorrow morning. We are having an awful hard time. I would give up my life for a feed. Money’s no good here. Jack, I wish you were handy, so I could get some bread from you. We have been stuck into it damn hard of late, but we have been pretty lucky. We lost about 54, so that is not bad, but your old humble is still on top yet, but I don’t think it will be for long. Your chances where I am is about as good as a snowball has of lasting five minutes in hell. Give my love to all. I don’t get much chance for writing.

Good bye, with love and best wishes,

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